Friday, November 10, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 19 Cheshvan 5767 (I'm an Idiot)

Guess who forgot to post this past Friday? That's right your brilliant blogger. I had finished most of the blog Friday, but still wanted to address a few more subjects. Time didn't permit and I simply forgot to post what I had. My apologies, so here is the posting that should of went up late Friday. I wanted o clarify and be honest since my college football picks have already come in. I was right on, but nobody had the chance to use them for entertainment purposes. 11/12/06

Thank you Donald Rumsfeld

I will never forget the day I first met Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It was a very cool October evening in 1996. I was running a Congressional campaign and Rumsfeld scheduled a press conference to endorse my candidate. Rumsfeld at the time was a former Secretary of Defense and congressman from Illinois northern and western suburbs. He was a very successful businessman and a major behind the scenes player in the GOP. Rumsfeld was a wealthy man and it was reflected in his posh Downtown Chicago, Michigan avenue offices in the Wrigley Building. By this time in his life he had established a reputation for his charitable generosity and contributions to various political causes. I can still picture him shaking my candidates hand and slipping him a personal check, made out to the campaign for the legal limit.

When I was introduced to Rumsfeld and shook his hand, I felt I was talking to a person larger than life. In 1996 the history behind this man was already amazing. For a political junkie such as your brilliant blogger, meeting him and being in his offices filled with pictures of him and dignitaries from around the world made me feel like Ted Kennedy in a Whiskey factory.

Agree or disagree with his handling of Iraq, Rumsfeld has served our country with great honor. I believed a few months back it was time for him to step down for the simple reason that fresh ideas are needed in that department. History will judge Rumsfeld in Iraq, but America should be grateful for his dedication to our country. Thank you Mr. Secretary.

Weekend Sports

NCAA Saturday: The number 1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes and number 2 ranked Michigan Wolverines find themselves playing mediocre Northwestern and Indiana clubs. Expect both teams to win decisively and the cover the 22.5 and 19 point spreads.

NFL Sunday: The underrated Detroit Lions are 6.5 point favorite against a pathetic San Francisco team. Detroit will cover, 27-13. The big game of the week is a possible early preview of this years NFC playoffs. The Giants are hosting the Bears are a pick-em, meaning no favorite or even money. I expect a great game with my Bears falling short. New York wins 20-17.



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