Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie Thanksgiving Edition!

The Situation in Iraq

Over the past year my commentary regarding Iraq has been limited. I'm a firm believer that it is impossible for the American Public to truly know what the situation is. I am certain of a few things. First and foremost, the mainstream press will exploit all the negatives and bury most of the positives. The Bush administration did not properly plan for handling the insurgency after the fall of Sadam Hussein. The administration should of supported a government in exile that would be ready to assume interim responsibilities immediately after Hussein was gone. I believed before the war as many do now, the post-war plan should of been dividing Iraq into three separate governments dividing up revenue from natural resources. I believe if we don't fight the insurgents on the streets of Baghdad we will do so on the streets of New York and Chicago. The idea that Sadam Hussein never was never a threat to the United States is insane.

As I said previously, finding the truth about Iraq is impossible. Between an anti-war press, a stubborn Bush administration and the reality that war information is always limited for security reasons, only time will tell about the successes and failures regarding Iraq.

Check out this great piece by Charles Krauthammer, Why Iraq Is Crumbling. As you know, I have always believed liberating Iraq from Sadam Hussein was the right thing to do as well as in the best interest in American security. However, like every great endeavour, obstacles come along the way and that requires change in direction or new ideas to climb the hurdles. Asking if the military is doing so is not only valid, but the obligation of all Americans. What I am most certain of is that this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world that wear the uniform and defend our freedoms and give us the opportunity to ask these questions and give us the opportunity to agree or disagree with our elected leaders. God Bless and Protect You.

Oy Krammer

When I first saw the taped footage of actor/comedian Michael Richardson going off on a racist rampage in a comedy club, it reminded me of watching linebacker Lawrence Taylor break Quarterback Joe Theisman leg in 3 places. Your careers where instantly over with.

It must be noted that the event occurred in an adult setting and comedians since the days of Lenny Bruce have used ethnic and racial stereotypes for purely comic purposes. Unfortunately, Richardson was not making jokes, he made a situation regarding a heckler or audience members that wouldn't stop talking into something personal and he went after the individuals in a non-comedic, personal discriminating manner, dropping the "N" Bomb numerous times.

In America you can make derogatory comments against Christians, Jews and Homosexuals. Regarding Jews and Gays you have to apologize and your life will go on. Mel Gibson serves a great yet shameful example. You can rip Christians all you want and never need to apologize. Rosie O'Donnell serves as that sad example. However, you can't be white and say the "N" word and fully recover (unless your Robert Byrd).

I highly doubt Richardson is a racist. He was angry at particular individuals who happened to be Black and he knew that word would get to them. Unfortunately his added comments and hateful tone shows a man filled with hate not trying to get laughs. Unless he can appear on stage with Spike Lee and Al Sharpton, accepting his apology and defending him, his career is in serious trouble. I assure you that won't happen, those guys would never defend a Jew.

Great Filmmaker Passes On

If there was ever a great comedy featuring satire ahead of it's time, that film would be MASH. The 1970 Dark Comedy that poked fun at everything from suicide to the military was Directed by the brilliant Robert Altman who passed away last night at the age of 81. Altman was nominated 5-times for best director, but never won. The Academy saw the error in it's way this past year giving him a lifetime achievement Oscar. Altman's other classics included 1975 "Nashville" and one of my all-time favorites 1992 "The Player." During a time when Hollywood is rehashing the same crap, Altman's death reminds us of how the art of Dark satire has disappeared.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Take a moment and be grateful for the blessings you have. If you are parents and you have healthy children, take a moment and hug them, tell them you love them and thank God you have them.



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