Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween GOP (Update 5:50 pm)

Kerry Gives GOP a Treat

When news began spreading yesterday of Senator John Kerry (D-Ma) foot in the mouth incident, I knew it would spread like wildfire amongst the conservative internet magazines and blogs. I knew the mainstream press would have to cover it and I knew they would down play the comment as Charlie Gibson and ABC news did so shamefully last night. However, even your brilliant blogger never thought it would become the equivalent of an October surprise, courtesy of the great jackass of New England.
Did John Kerry intend to insult our troops? I highly doubt it. However, I do believe that he has an elitist attitude with 1960's anti-military values and does believe people who decide to serve our country post Vietnam are stupid.
Some Democrats have asked Kerry to apologize, including Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford and Missouri hopeful Claire McCaskill. The majority have remained silent or have attempted to turn the tables and blast the Bush administration for politicizing the comments. Welcome to October and November during an election year.
On the homefront I am surprised that Democratic congressional candidate and military veteran Tammy Duckworth (D-6th) and 8th district Congresswoman Melissa Bean (D) have remained silent. Both campaigns would greatly benefit by asking Kerry to apologize, but instead they are proving they are Democratic hacks, afraid to alienate Pelosi and Emanuel.

The bottom line is that Kerry should of immediately swallowed his pride and clarified his comments and added an apology. The story would of died down quickly and never been the lead off broadcasts. Instead his campaign stops are being canceled and a clear Democratic majority victory Tuesday isn't as clear anymore. Wait...I see his 08 Presidential bid dwindling away...Who's the idiot now Bitch!

This just in: Kerry Apologizes 26 hours too late

Topinka Closing Gap

The Springfield State Journal Register is reporting that a new Copely News Service Poll shows the race for governor in Illinois a statistical dead heat. Blagojevich is polling at 44% while Topinka is polling at 40%, undecided 9%. These numbers are within the margin of error. Like I have said since Labor's all about turn-out.



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