Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie (Halloween Edition)

Kerry Offends Troops

While on the campaign trail in California for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides, Senator John Kerry decided to belittle our troops. In a speech to Angelides supporters Kerry discusses the importance of working hard to get a good education and making the most of the opportunity. He then says that if you don't do well regarding your education "you get stuck in Iraq."

It is amazing that anybody takes this Putz seriously. Intended or not he basically said that those serving in Iraq are uneducated failures. The people I know who served in some form in Iraq all had college degrees. One even had a law degree and was serving in that capacity. This son-of-bitch is completely out of touch and obviously doesn't believe anyone would serve our country because they feel a sense of duty or believe in the American way of life. Kerry only believes idiots and the poor go into the military because they have no other options. Go to Hell Senator...Go to Hell!

Don't Believe the Polls

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune released a poll showing Todd Stroger (D) with a 15 point lead over Tony Peraica (R) for Cook County Board President. This morning the Daily Herald has released a poll giving Peraica a 9 point lead. The Chicago Tribune claimed two weeks ago that Congresswoman Melissa Bean (D) has a 19 point lead over challenger Dave McSweeney (R). A few days later the Daily Herald released a poll showing Bean with only a 3 point lead or a statistical tie within the margin of error. The Tribune continues to show data giving Governor Blagojevich (D) a 15 point lead over Judy Baar Topinka (R), while the ST. Louis Dispatch has Blagojevich up around 6 points.

The discrepancies being seen in these polls simply prove that everyone must vote for the candidate of their choice. If you listen to polls and your candidate is far ahead or way behind you may simply not vote. As we can see from the above numbers, you can't listen to polling data and must do your civic duty and vote.

divisive T.V. Ads

Tired Yet? I'm sure you are. I am of course speaking of the relentless television campaign ads saturating the airwaves. Every election season the ads get more nasty and the public complains. The truth is, these ads work. Since the March primary ended, Governor Blagojevich has bombarded the airwaves with ruthless attacks against his opponent Judy Baar Topinka. Blago knew his approval ratings sucked, so he brilliantly developed a campaign to attack her character and the polls show it has worked. During the Illinois gubernatorial race, the general consensus has been that both candidates are not worthy of support, so hold your nose and vote. That usually means vote for Party not person. However, Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, an admitted Democrat and hardcore liberal, writes in today's edition that the public shouldn't be duped by Blagojevich's snide TV ads. Zorn does not come out and endorse Topinka, but he does a good job of defending the Republican challenger.

In the IL 8th Congressional race, Congresswoman Melissa Bean has been running an ad she knows is incorrect. She claims her opponent is against abortion in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother. She cites an article in the Wall Street Journal, but the WSJ has already retracted and corrected her opponent, Dave McSweeney's comments. Not only did she refuse to retract the ad, but she has made a new commercial with the same false claims. Current polls show her lies are working, she is ahead in every poll.

In Tennessee the race for senate is close and no stone is being left unturned. You may have heard of an ad being run by the RNCC that the NAACP is calling racist. The ad is meant to expose various positions of Democrat Harold Ford. The ad is actually very good, getting the point across on Ford being on the wrong side of many issues. However, the ad does stray from message and features a young blond white woman talking about meeting Ford at the Playboy mansion. The NAACP believes since Ford is African American, the ad is praying on the stereotype of Black men preferring white woman. I strongly disagree with that position, but regardless, Ford's opponent Republican Bob Corker has criticized the ad and asked the RNCC to remove it. They have ignored his request.

Corker should be commended for doing the uncommon political practice of sticking to one's conviction's. While we are on the subject of Tennessee, the race for senate in the Volunteer state is one in which the biggest winner will be the people of Tennessee. Corker and Ford are both men of great character and common sense. The citizens there can actually vote for a candidates strickly on political beliefs. I have personally been conflicted in this race because I support Corker on the issues, but believe it's important to have more moderate African Americans in political life who don't always play the race card and aren't anti-Semitic. Ford is that man currently in congress. He is the African American politician Oprah and the rest of America should be embracing, not Obama. I won't endorse this race because there is no loser.

Fridays Paulies Point will be my endorsements posting.



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