Monday, September 11, 2006

We Shall Never Forget 9/11/2001

The Lesson

As you remember that tragic September morning, take a few moments and tell those close to you, especially your significant other and children, how much you love them. Hug them...kiss them and while doing so, cherish that moment you are embraced. There are many lessons that we must learn from 9/11, but none of them are more important than understanding the importance of life and how quickly that gift can be taken away from us.

Thank God, but never forget

Nobody believed on September 12 that the United States would go five years without sustaining another terrorist attack. We all should be grateful that we have not had to live through that horrible day again. However, it is important to remember that another 9/11 can and most likely will happen at some point in the future. It is of the utmost importance that even though we have not been attacked on our homeland since 9/11 and our daily lives seem unaffected by the War on Terrorism, we must not forget that we are a country at war, fighting the ideology of Islamic Facsim.

So Remember and Pray...

For the victims of 9/11 and their families. Our troops overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world. Our President and leaders to be granted the necessary wisdom in our time of war. Once again, go hug your loved ones and cherish every moment with them.

God Bless America


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