Friday, September 08, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 15 Elul 5766

Jewish Denial

In February of this year I wrote two articles (click here, click here) about the frightening decline of support for Israel among Democrats. Regardless of the polling data, voting records or quotes from prominent Democratic leaders and organizations, many of my readers, friends and Jews in general, refused to believe that there is any problem with Democratic support for the Jewish State.

My concerns continue to be validated by recent comments and events since the end of the Israel/Hezbollah war. Former President, Jimmy Carter, told a German publication last month, "I don't think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon.” And, "I represent the vast majority of Democrats." Carter's claim to represent the majority of Democrats was backed by a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll in which 84% of Republicans said they sympathize more with Israel than with the Arab states, while just 43% of Democrats do so.

During the height of the recent Israel/Hezbollah war, Congressman John Dingell (D) from Detroit made a shocking statement when he told a local television interviewer on WDIV, "I don't take sides for or against Hezbollah or for or against Israel." The fact any rational human being believes that Israel and an organization that usesorphanagess and hospitals as a shield is morally equivalent is repulsive.

Seven Democratic members of the US House of Representatives voted, in the heat of IsraelÂ’s battle against Hezbollah, against a resolution passed on July 18 which expressed support for IsraelÂ’s right of self defense, called for the return of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, condemned Iran and Syria for their support of terrorism, and condemned Hamas and Hezbollah for using civilians as shields. I don't worry too much about these seven idiots, even though one of them, John Conyers of Michigan, is in position to be head of the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats gain control of congress. I was disturbed that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi removed her name as a co-sponsor of this important resolution. As the party leader, her decision sent a message of weak support for Israel.

A very good friend of mine who despises the GOP, sent me a link recently about Democrat Congressman, Tom Lantos
(CA), who was on the forefront of withholding aid to Lebanon until their border with Syria was properly secured. His purpose of sending me this link was to make sure I knew that a Democrat was leading this cause. I was happy to receive the email and link, but I later realized how sad it was that his best example came from a 25 year veteran of congress and Holocaust survivor, who was one of the strongest Democratic supporters on the 1991 Persian Gulf War and 2003 Iraq war. In other words "a dying breed".

During the current election cycle, Liberal Jews in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago are actively funding and campaigning for the Democrat nominee for the 10th Congressional district Dan Seals. The incumbent is Mark Kirk, who is a pro-choice moderate Republican. In the words of a friend who works for AIPAC, "he's like our best friend". No elected official in the United States is more pro-Israel and combats anti-Semitism in the United Nations than Kirk. I am ashamed to say that if he is defeated, it will be at the hands of Jews whose support for the Democratic label is more important than the Jewish State.

I hope that many close friends and fellow Israel supporters who identify with the Democratic Party take my concerns to heart. You can continue keeping your head in the sand and I'm sure you will. However, you cannot deny the facts, which are comments, support and votes that are clearly against the Jewish State. I simply ask that you take a lesson from my work fighting Homophobia within the Republican Party and attack the growing anti-Semitism that you deep down know exists among Democrats.

During a time in history that is parallel to 1930's Europe, the notion that the United States government can be controlled by a political party who's support for Israel is wavering, scares me as a father and a Jew.

Media Hypocrisy

Take about biting the hand that feeds you. Yesterday wa fascinatinging day for ABC. During their evening newscast, World News Tonight, Charlie Gibson interviewed President Bush. Gibson offered very hard hitting direct questions and to my surprisinterruptedted the President and even behaved rudely at times. Nevertheless, it was a tough interview with fair questions. Later that night during the broadcast of Nightline, the show spent a half hour on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton. If there was ever an example of a left-wing media conspiracy, last night was it. The segment could of easily been used as a half hour campaign commercial for Clinton. The softball questions made Larry King look like an investigative reporter. Would be nice if the same journalism principles applied to Democrats and Republicans.

Prayers and Best Wishes

My great friends Scott and Karly and their son Andy are expecting a new member of the family to arrive today. Please keep them in your prays and ask God to deliver them a healthy baby with more limbs than uncle Paulie. Mazel Tov!



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