Friday, May 12, 2006

John Stossel and the Truth

Stossel and the Truth
The far left and far right be very afraid.

Any person who can manage to discredit Al Gore and Pat Robertson in the same interview is my kind of guy. In fact, he should be embraced by all rational minded people.

This past Wednesday evening, John Stossel appeared on the Oreilly Factor, to promote his new book, Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity. Like usual Stossel brings common sense to political and social issues that our politicians are unable to approach with truth. During the interview he briefly discussed the lies regarding Global Warming and homosexuality. Al Gore would of been disgusted to hear Stossel talk about the lack of global impact from the supposed 1degree increase in earths temperature. Pat Robertson and many on the religious right would of not liked hearing the medical facts that homosexuality is not a choice, but how you are born. Stossel even expanded a bit and told Oreilly, why would anyone choose to be gay? It's a lifetime of ridicule and discrimination.

Stossel's most recent article in Jewish World Review will give you a taste of what you will find in his latest book. I strongly urge all my readers to check out JWR on a daily basis and reading Stossel's columns are a big reason why. He is not in bed with any political party or politician. He is true-Libertarian who understands why government doesn't work. Stossel will not only expose the problems or myths, but will often talk about what politicians don't want you to know about...Solutions. Thank you John.

White men are guilty...Ask Alan

Radio and Television liberal pundit, Alan Colmes, has already convicted the men accused of rape in the Duke University lacrosse team case. During his talk show with Sean Hannity, Colmes obviously wants to believe that the white men currently charged are guilty, simply because the victim is black, even though the time-lines involved have been severely discredited and the accuser has changed her story numerous times. With this said, it doesn't mean that a rape didn't occur and the charged individuals weren't involved. However, for Colmes or any person to have convicted the charged boys before a trial is shameful.

This is not the first time Colmes has blamed white males regardless of the evidence or ongoing investigation. The recent incident involving Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), were she assaulted a Capitol Hill police officer is another example. In that incident McKinney walked past a security check point, she was not wearing her appropriate identification lapel pin and refused to stop when the police asked her too. An officer placed his hand on the representative to stop her and she struck him in the chest. Colmes defended McKinney and even supported the idea that the Capitol Hill police are responsible to recognize all 535 congressional members by face even though the check point has nearly 40,000 people go through on a daily basis. Colmes assumed that a white cop was simply harassing a black female.



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