Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekend Quickie

Ethan Goes Poopie in Potty

Shannon and I are proud to announce that our oldest son Ethan has made his first poopie in the potty. The grand event surprisingly did not take place in the friendly confines of home. Dapers restaurant in Chicago is where my first born dropped his first load. Mommy and Daddy are very proud.

The Gallup Poll

This past week the polling company Gallup released a new poll that show American support for Israel is at it's highest point since the Gulf War. What was very disturbing was that Democrat support for the Jewish homeland is only 50% compared to 77% of Republicans.

Many of you know I can sit back and say I told you there was a problem with Democrat support of Israel, but I won't. The truth is I am a Jew before I am a conservative or Republican. The overall news about the poll is good, but Israel should be an issue both sides of the aisle support in extremely high numbers.

Expect a commentary on "Denial Democrats", shortly.

Governor Blogo

My apologies for not having the Blagojevich commentary ready yesterday. I have been writing a few other pieces for publication that unexpectedly became a priority.



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