Thursday, February 16, 2006

Davis Submits Resignation, IU Alumni Send Him On Hunting Trip with VP Cheney

Home For Sale, Bloomington, IN

Indiana Basketball Coach Mike Davis submited his resignation today effective at the end of this year's season. Unfortunately, that will occur after IU drops their first game in the Big Ten tournament. The chances of IU getting an NCAA tournament bid is as likely as the New York Times reporting good news from Iraq.

Good riddance to Davis, the nightmare will soon be over.

Play Ball...Soon

Pitchers and catchers report Friday...Awesome!

Bryant Gumbel... In search of his ghetto pass

A good friend of mine, who happens to be African American, uses a phrase when describing blacks who are in his opinion no longer truly black, "Their Ghetto Pass Has Been Revoked".
The recent ignorant comments by "has-been" Bryant Gumbel shows a man who lost his pass years ago and is desperate to get it back. What better way then to slam Republicans.

Tomorrow Illinois Governor Blago Commentary


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