Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Cheer and Economic Fears

Congress is this years holiday turkey
Politicians serving up lies covered in deception gravy

The past few days have been tough for your brilliant blogger. "Maybe you shouldn't watch the news for a few days," my mother uttered to me after hearing the anger in my voice. This response came after frustration got the best of me and in an disgruntled voice I said, "they are so incompetent and beholden to the auto workers union, and couldn't give a damn about doing what is right." I was referring to the Democratic congressional leaders who are attempting to bailout the United Auto Workers Union, with fraudulent claims of an economic calamity that will ensue if the government doesn't grant the Big 3 auto makers 25 billion dollars.

The cast of characters are the same. Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, but there is one newcomer to this intellectually challenged group, Rep. Sandy Levin, who happens to be the brother of Michigan Senator Carl Levin. All these individuals have certain commonalities. They are all Democrats, fiscally challenged and lackeys for the unions. In the case of the Levin brothers, the UAW is their puppet master.

Many Democrats rely on unions to get them elected. As Chrysler, Ford and GM beg congress for money, the UAW refuses to admit that in these hard economic times, their current contract makes it impossible for the Big 3 to compete. UAW President Ron Gettelfinger recently placed the blame on the economy and iterated that the UAW will not make any concessions. Making matters worse, Gettelfinger had the genius idea that the government needs to figure out a way to turn around this slumping economy. Brilliant!

What Mr. Gettelfinger conveniently forgets to mention is that GM hasn't made a profit since the fourth quarter of 2006. At that time economic conditions were much stronger, the DOW Jones was at 12,500 compared to 7,500. So even if Obamesiah can bring financial prosperity back to America on the day he takes the oath of office, the American auto industry will still fail.

As Mitt Romney wrote in the New York Times earlier his week, "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt." The auto industry needs an overhaul, a restructuring as the former governor of Massachusetts brilliantly explained in his op-ed piece. That harsh reality is that 25 billion dollars for the industry will only contribute to their eventually demise. Without a bailout the auto-industry will have to file for Chapter 11. This will allow the Big 3 to reorganize, pay creditors over time and restructure themselves to be able to compete in a Global marketplace, instead of using a business model that is thirty years old.

While nobody wants to see anyone loose their job or see a decrease in wages and benefits, economic realities will require some UAW member to accept buyouts, take early retirements, accept benefit cuts and sadly, some will loose their job. If the Big 3 don't restructure and renegotiate their contract with the UAW, the American auto industry will become a memory. Government meddling will only worsen the situation as they always do.

The sad reality is that every lawmaker, Automotive CEO and Mr. Gettelfinger know the truth. However if the Democrats and the union bosses who pull their strings can steal from the taxpayers and flush money down the toilet, I mean give GM, Ford and Chrysler a fat check, come election time they can save face with the unions and leftists who put them in office.

Isn't that all that matters? When you only care about power and keeping is.

Gas cheaper, Liberals Depressed
Paulies gas price predictions on schedule

$1.99 a gallon. For most of you that was the price you were paying for gas a month ago. For drivers in the Peoples Republic of Cook County, prices under $2.00 have just arrived. While there is so little good economic news stemming from our nation and for that matter the world, America can take more than a little comfort in the fact that come Thanksgiving, my prediction of $1.50 a gallon gasoline should come true in many parts of this great country.

It's about the Free Market, which means it's about supply and demand. While environmentalist wackos rather see families struggling to pay $4.00 a gallon, come Christmas morning and the first night of Hanukkah, those same struggling families will be able to make their children very happy because they will have more money to spend at Toys R Us because they didn't have to give as much to Shell and Mobil.

From a national security perspective, we can also rejoice in knowing that
Hugo Chavez and
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will not have a happy holiday season. As we approach $40 a barrel oil, these poor excuses for human beings will see their financial futures dwindle as gas gets cheaper. If Mahmoud Ahmadickhead continues to be naughty, not nice, Santa Claus will arrive in the form of an Israeli fighter jet who will drop enough presents filled with devastating explosives that his nuclear facilities will melt like the chocolate chips I put on my delicious matzoh-bark.

Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland.



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