Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Al-Qaida calls Obama "House Negro"

Al-Qaida #2 uses racist remark toward Obama
President-elect should hear words and take note

When millions of Americans as well as billions of people world-wide woke up the morning after Barack Obama was elected President, they probably expected the dawn of a new age. Sorry to disappoint all you Obama-kool-aid drinkers, but America's enemies still hate us and do so regardless who occupies the White House.

This morning our friends from Al-Qaida
posted a message on militant websites aimed at persuading Arabs and Muslims to not believe that Obama's election will change U.S. policies. While I have sounded the alarm bell that an Obama Presidency will weaken America and be detrimental to the State of Israel, my argument that our enemies hate us because of our freedom and tolerance, regardless of our leadership and policies, stands proven.

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