Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Bring out your dead" to Vote

In the 1975 classic comedy “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” there is a famous scene commonly known as “bring out your dead.” In this scene, British actor Eric Idle plays a Medieval Times “Dead Collector” who walks through town with a pull-cart picking up dead bodies from the local citizens. While the skit may be humorous, in the real world of 2008 America so-called “community groups” are also bringing out the dead. They are bringing them to the polling place.

Melvin Porter was a retired truck driver and Dallas Cowboys fan who loved his wife Erma. Porter passed away from a stroke in January of 2007. However, death didn’t stop him from voting in the March 4 Democratic primary.

His wife recently became aware that someone cast a ballot in her late husband’s name. Last week election officials in Dallas County (TX) removed Melvin Porter’s name from the voter roll after his widow brought the painful matter to the attention of election officials.

While it is a safe bet that the deceptive practitioner who voted in March under Porter’s name won’t get away with degrading the integrity of this deceased family man on Tuesday, the question remains, how many other dead people will be voting all across America on November 4? How widespread and influential are the current fraudulent voting activities?

To fully grasp how extensive and potentially devastating voter fraud is all anyone has to do is put one word in any Internet news search engine... Acorn. The left wing “community organizing” group, which is heavily financed with taxpayer dollars and private donations by liberal power brokers such as George Soros, is currently under investigation in 11 states.

Stories about Acorn and voter fraud have been prevalent for multiple election cycles. Allegations, indictments and convictions are nothing new to the organization. The community group’s fraudulent activities can be traced back to 1986 when 12 members were convicted of voter fraud in Missouri. The group has been a topic of conversation during the current election cycle, especially pertaining to Sen. Barack Obama. The Democratic nominee for President has denied having ties to the organization. However, recent testimony by a former Acorn employee in Pennsylvania state court revealed that Obama has in fact had an extensive relationship with the organization for decades.

The American people should be outraged that their most likely next President has been unwilling to be honest with them regarding his involvement with Acorn. What is just as troubling, if not more so, is how the press has sat on their hands unwilling to investigate and ultimately report the endless trail of vote fraud perpetuated by Acorn.

Fair-minded people cannot deny that the reason the media has failed in their watchdog duties is fear of exposing groups whose activities, right or wrong, benefit their agenda. The only agenda they, or any American, should be concerned about is fairness and abiding by the laws that govern the voting process.

Over the past two decades, the objectivity failures of the media have produced a dark cloud over the public’s ability to receive reliable information from the press. However, as we have seen throughout our nations history, when such a cloud forms a silver lining follows soon after.

The alternative, or new media, has taken up the slack left behind from the mainstream press neglecting their journalistic responsibilities. As Election Day draws near, the majority of Americans are oblivious to the extensive fraudulent voting registration efforts as well as the illegal ballots being cast in early-voting states. While both sides of the aisle accuse each other of corrupting the electoral process, the bottom line is that people need to know the truth, or at least be able to find the information, so they can decide for themselves what is going on.

Voters, as well as journalists who still believe in the idea of a free and fair press, must start taking it upon themselves to learn about this cancer that is spreading throughout our country and killing our constitution. Resources such as the Voter Integrity Project found on Ballotpedia, are collecting the facts and presenting them to anyone who is interested in the truth, not partisan politics.

While the mainstream press refuses to acknowledge a problem exists, mentioning allegations only when it helps their agenda, no individual, who cares about this country, should want to see any U.S. citizen’s right to vote denied. It is in our national interest that the integrity of the voting process never be compromised.

In Chicago, we tend to laugh at the idea of the dead voting. It’s part of our history, tradition and folklore. But it’s no laughing matter or anything to be proud of.

Cook County, Illinois serves as an example of what will happen to our great country if elections are as legitimate as a three-dollar bill. Single Party rule, pay to play politics with no accountability and transparency will dominate the landscape.

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, will become folklore.



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