Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is the LA Times thinking?

LA Times protecting Obama
Refuses to release tape of Obama celebrating a terrorist.

Yesterday the American Thinker published an article I wrote about how the political left in America is keeping the issue of racism alive for political purposes. In the piece I mentioned that it is a legitimate question to ask Barack Obama about his "associations with domestic terrorists, vile anti-Semites, and ACORN." Even though many of Obama's advisers are anti-Israel and in my opinion anti-Semitic, the example I linked to make my point was Columbia Professor and PLO adviser Rashid Khalidi.

My article by no means is the first piece to expose this relationship, far from it. In fact I have written about this Jew-hater on numerous occasions in the past, but other columnists and reporters have been writing about Obama and Khalidi before me. My point being that when a candidate for President has a well-documented relationship with an advocate for the destruction of a U.S. ally and a member of the United Nothings, I mean Nations, the media, not just the opposition have a responsibility to investigate the facts.

It has recently been revealed that the LA Times has a video of Obama attending an event honoring Khalidi. While knowledge of this celebration is not a secret, the fact that video footage exists is a recent development. In what can only be described as a blatant attempt to protect Obama, the newspaper is refusing to release the video.

The Tribune owned publication claims they have addressed the issue and brought it to the attention of the public, which is not true as you can see from the above links. What we do know is that when California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger(R) was heard on an audiotape referring to a Latina lawmaker as
having “black blood mixed with Latino blood” equals hot – a fiery personality." Somehow that was newsworthy, but a videotape that shows the probable next President of the United States partying with anti-Semites who are allegedly openly hostile toward Israel and Jews isn't an important news story.

The truth is the LA Times has been in the bag for Obama and will do whatever they can to help him become the next President of the United States. Releasing a video that many believe shows Obama and his wife celebrating, while vile anti-Jewish chanting and anti-Israel rhetoric is being shouted, could turn this campaign completely around.

The majority of Americans are pro-Israel. Jewish voters and Evangelical Christians consider supporting Israel a key issue when they cast their ballot. Obama already has trust issues amongst many Jewish voters, but the majority will still vote for him on Tuesday. Obama's doesn't need to anger the significant Jewish vote in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia turning on him and swinging the election toward McCain in battleground states.

Obama's worst nightmare isn't angering Jews, but Independents and Blue Dog Democrats who believe Islamic-extremism threatens America. A video of him partying with supporters of America's enemies would destroy his campaign overnight.

That is what the LA Times and the main stream media are going to prevent.

Paulies Point calls on Tribune Co. CEO Sam Zell to restore the journalism integrity of the LA Times and have them release the video. Let the American people decide what is and is not news worthy. Not the Obama hacks at the LA Times.



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