Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations President-Elect Obama

From Uncle Tom to the White House
Obama wins handily, Chicago not in flames

It seems like only yesterday President-elect Barack Obama was the subject of vile ridicule from none other than the Black community. When Obama had the audacity to challenge Congressman Bobby Rush for his seat in the Democrat Primary back in 2000, he was painted by the black political establishment in Chicago as an Uncle Tom. Less than a decade later he is their hero and savior.

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to take anything away from our 44Th President. I am simply pointing out the political and social irony that has taken place. Truth be told being crucified by some of the most corrupt political leaders in Illinois is a badge of honor in my book.

No rational-thinking person can deny history was made last night. America has her first African American President and that is something we all should be proud of. I may not have voted for Mr. Obama and have serious and admittedly fearful concerns about his ideas, but he is my President and he has my support.

Americans should rejoice in what has taken place. Free elections took place in our great country yesterday. The people have chosen a different political Party to occupy the White House and on January 20, 2009, the exchange of power will peacefully change over.

Vote Fraud Concerns

My biggest concern going into the race yesterday was voter fraud. As I indicated yesterday in these pages, I believed the fraudulent work of Acorn had already given Obama victories in key battleground states and Sen. McCain should contest these results if he had lost by a very slim margin. The fact is Obama didn't need Acorn to win Ohio, Florida and Virginia. He won these states by a margin greater than their influence and that may be a hard-pill to swallow for many friends of mine, but that is a good thing.

The fact that vote fraud didn't sway this election is a positive. Al Gore cries foul to this day and to an extent so does John Kerry. As you can see from recent comments in this Blog, 2000 continues to obscure the rational thinking of people and continues to divide America.

Recently I pointed out the importance of combating and eliminating fraudulent registration and voting activities. Even though I believe such deception did not determine the outcome of the presidential race, I can't say as of this moment how the actions of Acorn affected local elections. I do know they are a clear and present danger to the integrity of the voting process and unless Americans set partisanship aside and properly investigate this front group for Socialism, they will continue to orchestrate fraudulent political activities. That means everyone loses.

Please do not turn a blind eye to this threat to our Constitution. Keep learning about what is happening and urge your legislators to work together to defeat fraudulent voting. Don't turn America into Cook County. Turn to the Voter Integrity Project on Ballotpedia to get the non-partisan facts.

Barack Obama won yesterday and did so in a clear and convincing matter. Acorn cannot take that away from him and more importantly America.

Mark Kirk Wins
North Shore Jews have moment of clarity

When Dan Seals (D) woke-up this afternoon he came to the realization that not only is he not congressman-elect Seals, but he continues to be unemployed. After his second attempt to unseat Congressman Mark Kirk (R) in Illinois tenth congressional district ended in failure, it is a safe bet that the people of Chicago's North Shore have seen the last of him. If I'm wrong, then the Democrats have found their Jim Oberweiss.

This race was very important to your brilliant blogger. Kirk is my congressman and is the best friend the state of Israel has. While it is true that the five-term representative is not nearly as fiscally conservative as I am, he is good on taxes, represents the independent streak of his district and I'll say it again, the best friend supporters of Israel have in Washington.

American Jews, especially those, who identify themselves as reform, tend to no longer view the security of Israel and fellow Jews around the globe as a high priority. While many in the Jewish community deny this reality, when the voting figures come up showing that McCain received less than thirty percent of the Jewish vote, my concerns will be more than validated.

Due to this reality, I feared that Jews residing in Kirk's district would turn their back on him. Many of these people have become more partisan over the past few years and would rationalize their defection with claims that Seals offered them everything Kirk did without supporting the Iraq war. Seals also gave support for Israel wonderful lip service.

I am happy and proud to say that the Jews on the North Shore of Chicago paused for a moment, pulled their head out of their ass, and while they overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama, they put partisan politics aside and also voted for Kirk. In fact he won by a larger margin than he did two-years ago.

Barack Obama heads to the White House with words of support for Israel, but foreign policy advisers that would celebrate the Jewish states demise, American Jews and friends of Israel need Kirk more than ever.

While many in the pro-Israel community disagree with me, most Democrats in the House and Senate will remain silent if President Obama treats Israel in the manner I fear he will. Kirk with allies such a Peter Roskam(R) also from Illinois and Senators Lieberman (D-I), Coleman (R-MN) and Mike Pence of Indiana, who will be named Senator after Dick Lugar becomes Secretary of State, will keep Obama accountable to his campaign promises regarding Israel.

Today and tomorrow

While I do believe America has transferred back to 1976 and we will suffer the same economic fate as we did under the incompetent Jimmy Carter, the saving grace and long term benefit was 1980 and Ronald Reagan.

You heard it here first. President Newt Gingrich!

Go ahead and laugh liberals, but the parallels are uncanny. Reagan and Gingrich were both paralyzing figures, but a desperate nation under economic turmoil the current economy has at best just begun to touch, will bring unprecedented change.

I'm talking real change. Not a campaign slogan that played on peoples fears.



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