Monday, November 10, 2008

Ruthless Rahm named Chief of Staff

Don't worry about Paulie
Worry about Rahm the mamzer silencing the opposition

As a writer and pundit who has never been shy about expressing my opinion, this past week has been one that I will remember for the rest of my life. Everyone who reads Paulies Point can accurately guess that there isn't one aspect of my life where I don't wear my politics on my sleeve. With that said, friends, family and co-workers have shown genuine concern for my well being after Barack Obama was elected President.

I have one answer for anyone who asks me how I am doing during a time of genuine concern. "I have two beautiful boys and as long as they are happy and healthy, I am fine." My children determine everything I do and ultimately believe in. That is why I am so adamant about issues such as school choice, self-responsibility, limited government and of course the safety and security of Jews in Israel and world-wide.

Over the weekend I received an email from one of my oldest and closet friends who asked me if my concerns about Obama and Israel were "somewhat eased" with his selection of Rahm Emanuel (IL-5) for Chief of Staff? I responded with a long-winded diatribe about while Emanuel may be Jewish and has deep roots in Israel, he prioritizes politics and Party ahead of everything else.

After I replied to my friends email, I began thinking about the new Chief of Staff and how sad of a commentary about American politics my words truly were. Emanuel serves President-elect Obama for one reason and one reason only. To seek out and destroy all those that oppose Obama and his agenda, whatever that may be.

Emanuel is the ultimate partisan hack. He doesn't work with those who disagree with him or ever entertains other opinions. He is a well-documented foul-mouth hothead, who will professionally and personally destroy the lives of anyone who disagrees with him or his Party. Add the new administration to that list.

Over the weekend I watched a very entertaining rebroadcast of a charitable roast of the soon to be former congressman. The 2005 event served as a fundraiser for CURE, an organization founded by Obama advisor a campaign guru David Axelrod and his wife.

The event is filled with great jokes and great speakers, including Obama, Hillary and hosted by Paul Begalia. The theme of each speech geared to poke fun at Emanuel centers around fear of Rahm. Don't get in his way, don't oppose him, thank God he is on our side and of course his famous curse-filled vocabulary.

After watching the program it hit me that the President-elect with his first appointment has set the tone for his first term. Don't get in our way or oppose us. We will destroy you.

Washington insiders don't need Paulie or any number of countless pundits explaining to them what Emanuel as Chief of Staff means. They got the message as soon as word leaked that Obama asked him to be his WMD. However as always, your brilliant blogger finds the silver lining in every situation.

Emanuel may be a ruthless pitbull, but he also has one of the finest political minds to occupy Washington over the past twenty years.

Emanuel understands the political landscape and knows how to keep the Democrats in power. This may translate into Obama governing more from the center than the far-left as some fear. Socialist policies may be curtailed to being typical big government ideas that dominated both the Clinton and Bush administrations. In either case we are doomed to hard-times in the near future, but by permitting the free-market to remain active and not increasing taxes on those who produce the most in America, we can eventually get out of our current economic mess.

At the moment I am not confident that this will be the case. Government has a big stake in the banking industry and by years end will have a major role in the auto industry. These facts prove that America has taken the next big step into becoming a Socialist nation. Now add the political-lefts desire to silence those that disagree with them with the so-called "fairness doctrine," and an enormous leap into fascism will soon be upon us.



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