Friday, August 15, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 14 Av 5768

World Shocker: China may be cheating
Media acting stunned over Olympic tradition

Did you know that Olympic gymnastic rules state that participants must be at least sixteen years old? Are you also aware that there has been speculation since before the games began that the Chinese women's team may have underage members? Say it ain't so Paulie, say it ain't so.

Is the media that bored? Have they forgotten that Russia recently invaded Georgia and the world is doing their finest impression of Neville Chamberlain? China breaking the rules has been a long standing olympic tradition. Do you remember the female swim team and the back acne they possessed during the games in Atlanta. Those "ladies" were on more steroids than the old East German women's track team. And those Chic's made Rocky Balboa look like a ballerina.

This past week Associated Press found a story by the Chinese government's news agency, Xinhua, in which they listed gymnast He Kexin as being 13. This of course would make her ineligible for the games. The International Olympic Committee claims that Kexin and two other very questionable Chinese youngsters on the gymnastic team, presented passports that show they are of proper age. Of course the Chinese government would never provide documents that would be inaccurate.

Does any of this really matter? To the USA female team that took the silver medal, while China took Gold, I'm sure it does. America has played by the rules as well as any country in Olympic history. With Basketball and Tennis being the exception, our athletes aren't professionals or within a few years of birth, sent off to a conditioning and training camp to eat, sleep and practice a particular sport purely for Olympic and world competition. That's what Communist nations do.

When China learned that AP got a hold of the news story, they took it off their website, but AP did make a copy when they originally found the story. This must be another shocking development. China unable to keep their deceptive practices from going public. Do I even have to go into the lip-singing cutey during the opening ceremony, while the real vocals came from a buck tooth child not attractive enough for the world stage according to China standards. Lets also remember those fake fireworks during the same ceremony.

I recall during my very early years, watching the 1980 Winter games in Lake Placid, New York. My memory escapes me, but I recall an event that the judges appeared to be scoring American Athletes unfair. I pressed my parents for a reason and my mother told me that other countries were jealous of us and they took their envy out on our athletes. Today media-reports have reported similar concerns, but once again this is nothing new.

I'm not saying that America should take dishonesty and bias lying down. However as far as the media goes, don't report these stories as they are some inconceivable development. Then again should we expect anything less?

It's bad enough that NBC and their second stringers on MSNBC are comparing the Russian invasion of Georgia to America's action in Iraq. Can we expect any more competence when it comes to broadcasting the Olympic games?

Chicago residents get out the Vaseline
Financial crisis predicted by your brilliant blogger

The city of Chicago received a financial bonus this year, while you and I were struggling to fill-up our gas tanks. With gas prices rising to record levels, the city was collecting a larger than expected amount of tax revenue from pump sales. With taxes raised to 10.25%, even with the recent slight decline in demand, the city and don't forget the state of Illinois, were receiving a nice tax perk.

Not so fast Ritchie and Rod. Your brilliant blogger warned Mayor Daley and his Democratic machine that raising sales tax in the county in addition to the city tax Chicago hits her citizens with, will only cause revenue collection to dwindle. Tax increases never bring government more money because consumers either spend less or take their credit cards across city and county lines. Welcome to the $420 million dollar budget crisis facing Chicago.

While I laugh at Mayor Daley and his corrupt cronies, I feel sadness for what will eventually turn out to be 1500-2000 job layoffs. Don't worry, I'm sure the patronage jobs will stay put. Only the important sectors will see the cuts.

Paulies Point readers have heard me say for years that people ultimately get the government they deserve. You vote the crooks and incompetents into office, knowing full well they are corrupt and wasteful, you deserve them and the hardship they bring you. Fool me once shame on you, fool me every election day since the end of world war II, better hope their is a sale on personal lubricant.



At 8/16/2008 1:27 AM , Anonymous USpace said...

Great piece, thinking about China being given the Olympics really is maddening. At least more people will be talking sooner rather than later about how there are really two very different Chinas in one.
Maybe in the future it will be in Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.
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