Friday, June 06, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 3 Sivan 5768

Rezko Guilty of Corruption
Media burying story to protect Obama

If GOP Presidential candidate John McCain had shared a cup of coffee with a political fundraiser who was found guilty of using his political clout to orchestrate a multimillion-dollar kickback scheme, the story would be frontpage news at the New York Times and Washington Post, lead every network newscast and be the only topic of discussion on MSNBC until the first Tuesday in November.

On Wenesday a major political fundraiser in Chicago who has direct business and fundraising ties to Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama was found guilty on 16 counts for using his political clout to orchestrate a multimillion-dollar kickback scheme. However outside of Chicago, where is the media coverage?

Antoin "Tony" Rezko ws charged with 24 counts of corruption and found guilty on 16. Rezko has a personal and political relationship with Obama spanning over 15 years. In 2005 they purchased adjoining property and between Obama's unsuccessful congressional race and victorious senate campaign the recent convict raised nearly 250K for his candidacies.

Obama has denied any wrong doing and he has not been implicated in any illegal activities. However the fact remains that he had a close relationship with a criminal and there is no way with Rezko's reputation within Chicago political circles that he didn't know that he was corrupt. Then again Obama supposedly didn't know that Rev. Wright hated America and Jews.

The truth is that Rezko is a major news story with national implications. What will he do now? If he makes a deal to reduce his sentence, who will he name? In Chicago the target is Governor Blagojevich, but Obama's name has come up during the trial.

What you will see in the mainstream press is the nearly twenty year old scandal called the Keating Five, which investigated John McCain, finding him innocent of any illegal activity. Nevertheless that will be brought up to damage McCain, creating a negative perception even though he didn't do anything illegal.

Obama ties to Rezko will remain on page 18 of the NY Times next to a story about Paris Hilton.

Trust your brilliant blogger. This life-long Chicagoan knows Rezko will impact Obama at some point. Remember when it comes to Obama it is about judgement and his is simply bad.

Rezko, Wright, Meeks, Pfleger, Ayers, I need to say any more?



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