Monday, May 12, 2008

The Party Has Started

Let the celebration begin
Sixty-years later Jews rejoice in the miracle of Israel

Sixty years ago this week, David Ben-Gurion told the world, "We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine, to be called Israel." Almost immediately thereafter, President Harry Truman signed a directive ordering that "The United States recognizes the provisional government as the de facto authority of the new State of Israel," -- making ours the first country to acknowledge the new nation.

On May 14Th 1948 Israel became a new nation with a population under 900,000 surrounded by neighbors steadfast on her destruction. Sixty years later her population has grown to well over seven million people, she has survived numerous wars, thousands of terrorist attacks and two of her neighbors recognize her right to exist. Not to shabby for a country that at times has been on the brink of extinction.

As the big 60 approaches, Israeli's and Jews all around the world have begun celebrating her Independence. Rising out of the horrors of the Holocaust, Israel is without a doubt a modern day miracle. Unfortunately most of the world today, especially European nations view the Jewish state as a nuisance. With shallow minds they believe their growing problems with Islamic fundamentalism stems from Israel's existence. The one constant of history that never changes is "blame the Jews." When you need a scapegoat or simply can't comprehend your own problems, believing Zionist conspiracy theories and Jewish media controls serves many in their own inability to recognize reality.

While survival is a never-ending struggle for Israel, the Jewish state has managed to be a great asset to humanity. Medical, technological and agricultural breakthroughs from cell phone technology to computer chips have made Israel an innovative leader.

Even though much of the world refuses to admit it, she serves as a great example for humanity in how she handles those who seek her demise. While every country in the world would never stand for a foreign government or entity launching missiles and rockets at her citizens on a daily basis. Israel continues to show unprecedented restraint in how she deals with her enemies. Do you think Hamas or Hezbollah even know what a rubber bullet is? Taking the moral high ground often has deadly consequences for the Jewish people.

I won't tell you that I am confident Israel will one day celebrate her 75Th or 100Th birthday. The sad reality is that world-wide refusal to recognize the threats posed by a nuclear Iran, war against Islamic extremism and growing anti-Semitism may prove to be her downfall.

Support in the United States for Israel remains strong, but I still have concerns. The Progressive left is not a friend of the Jewish state and they are a powerful force within the Democratic Party. Overall Democrats remain solid in their support, but that support has been dwindling over the past decade. Some of the leading Progressive voices against Israel happen to be Jews, lending a morbid credence to their views.

Now is not the time for doom and gloom. Today we celebrate and remember why Israel is so important to Jews all over the world. We give thanks and place our faith in God and understand that he will protect his people in their homeland of Israel. His protection begins by Jews not turning a blind eye to those who seek to finish the job Hitler started. God gives us Israel to protect his people, it is up to us to not just say "never again is now," but to live by that credo for the sake of our children and our children's children.

Man made horrors in Burma
Government not interested in saving lives

When it is all said and done, the destruction caused by the May 3 cyclone in Burma may surpass the death toll caused by the 2004 Tsunami, which killed nearly a quarter million people.

While Al Gore makes a despicable attempt to advance his global warming agenda, claiming climate change caused the cyclone, the real man made horror is a result of the military regime government refusal to allow the world to assist in humanitarian aid.

In what can only be described as the worst act of any government toward it's own people since the African famine of the 1980's, the Junta dictatorship of Myanmar has accepted only a token level of outside help and has not even orchestrated their own national sources to provide relief for their people.

Over the weekend the limited relief efforts were temporarily suspended by the UN after it was learned that the people were not receiving the aid, the government was keeping it for other (military) purposes. Making matters worse, a relief boat headed to the hardest hit area of the Irrawaddy Delta, sank while en route from the city of Yangon.

Horrible situations such as the Burma tragedy remind me how lucky people in the United States as well as the entire western world truly are. A scenario such as this one would simply never happen in our part of the world. Besides advanced warning systems and better built structures, no level of government incompetence could interfere with relief efforts due to the private organizations that would immediately swing into action to save lives and local public safety (police,fire) departments coming to the rescue.

However Myanmar reminds the world than mans inhumanity toward man is alive and thriving. The cyclone that struck Burma was a tragedy, but an event of nature, part of life regardless of what Al Gore tells you. The true horror is a government that shows a pure disregard for their people by forbidding relief efforts. The Junta military regime by obstructing outside intervention is turning a situation that should of had less than a quarter million victims into a greater nightmare that may see that total surpass one million. By not permitting medicine, doctors and supplies of clean water and food, disease will most likely set in needlessly killing hundreds of thousands.

God help these people.

Clinton, Obama, McCain...Oh My
An honest update of the 2008 race for the White House

Is the Democratic race over with? On the surface it appears so. Hillary Clinton cannot catch Barack Obama in the delegate and popular vote count unless certain variables go her way. This consists of the votes cast by super delegates and if Florida and Michigan can be seated at the convention. It is these unresolved matters that allow Clinton to continue her candidacy.

Mainstream media outlets who are doing their darnedest to promote Obama continue to call for her exit. However she isn't what is wrong with the Democratic race. The real problem is Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee.

Their decision to disregard Florida and Michigan from the process because they didn't follow DNC rules is simply wrong. You can't tell millions of people that their vote doesn't count because the state Party ignored Howard Dean. However that is the current scenario and even though Clinton's call for the delegates to be seated is for self-serving reasons, from an outside look she is correct. You cannot not allow Florida and Michigan Democrats to have no voice.

On Tuesday she will have a symbolic win in West Virginia and the following week she will win Kentucky, while Obama wins Oregon. There is a slight chance after Tuesdays win she will bow out on a high note, but that is still unlikely. When the primary season ends, Obama will have a delegate lead of 100-150, not counting super delegates. Unless something happens regarding Michigan and Florida. At that point the super delegates will decide the Party's fate.

Simply put she has a legitimate reason to stay in the race, but her chances are slim. The irony is that when she loses she has no one to blame but her husband.

The one indisputable truth of this contest is how his comments comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson winning South Carolina in 1988 was her downfall.

When Bill made an issue of Obama's race, her support among blacks went from a near split with Obama to her garnering less than 10 percent of the African American vote. If you look at Obama's wins after Iowa, if she would of captured just one third of the black vote, he would of been out of this race shortly after Super Tuesday.

Who would ever guessed that America's first black President would become Uncle Tom or cracker Bill?

Oh ya the GOP

Unless you have been living under a rock or at MSNBC studios, John McCain has already won the GOP nomination and continues campaigning anywhere and everywhere. What has recently changed is Obama setting 99% of his rhetoric toward McCain, ignoring Clinton. The general election has started. Unless Hillary pulls a rabbit from her hat, which Clintons have been doing for thirty years.



At 5/12/2008 10:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paulie said:
You can't tell millions of people that their vote doesn't count because the state Party ignored Howard Dean. You cannot not allow Florida and Michigan Democrats to have no voice.

I say:
Why not? When your mom tells you not to do something and you do it anyway, don't you get punished?

At 5/12/2008 12:20 PM , Blogger Paulie said...

Wow! Comparing political Party heads of a state to ones mom. That's even low for a liberal.

The people didn't have a say, the Party and only the Party did. If you believe that people should be punished for the ignorance of unelected Party leaders then whatever.

If fits the Democrat ideals: People can't run their lives, so we have too.

At 5/12/2008 4:04 PM , Anonymous Joe said...

Very few media outlets are noting that the dictators in Burma are left-wing, socialists (or dare I say Communists?)

I'm sure that if they were "right-wing" dictators, the standard of coverage would be different.


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