Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday with Nobody

The title of today's posting is appropriate since yesterday was Tuesday and I did not have a new blog. Paulies Point readers are aware that in recent months "Tuesdays with Paulie" has come out late or the next day to allow for primary results commentary. Today is a bit different because yesterdays results could of been written last week and the rest of the news is not one that requires an intellectual approach. Nevertheless I don't like to disappoint so here we go.

Hillary Wins West Virginia...Whatever
Results predictable and moot

Can a 41 point victory be deemed disappointing? If you are the in-bed-with-Obama mainstream media than the answer is yes. Everyone and their mom knew that Hillary was going to slaughter Obama in West Virginia. With that in mind, the mainstream press started talking about her winning with 70 or 80 percent of the vote. They also showed their elitist attitude by exploiting negative facts about the Mountain State regarding the lower education accomplishments of the citizens. W.V. always ranks as one of the worst states for education and only 17% of her citizens have a college degree. Therefore insinuating that their citizens are too stupid to vote for Obama.

Clinton won by a 67-26 over Obama with John Edwards receiving 7% of the vote. To put the landslide in perspective, Alan Keyes received a higher vote percentage than Obama when he ran against him for senate in 2004. However if you check the news sites today, there is barely a mention of her win. Not even the Drudge Report links the victory.

The story today is her stepped up rhetoric about fighting on and her claims that her campaign has new life. Again whatever. The Democratic race has simply gotten boring. There are no ideas, no solutions by either of the candidates. The only interesting aspect is the embarrassment the media is causing itself covering the race as well as Obama's showing himself to be more and more like Jimmy Carter. Incompetent and void of intellectual depth.

Next week Hillary wins big in Kentucky and Obama wins handily in Oregon. She then goes on to win the rest of the remaining states going into the convention falling short on delegates, but within 150. She will continue to insist that Michigan and Florida be seated and make her case to super delegates until the convention in Denver. Lalalalalala...MSNBC are Obama hacks...lalalalalala...Wolf Blitzer is mentally challenged.....lalalalalal....Megan Kelly is hot....lalalalala Alan Colmes is still an idiot.

How to help cyclone victims in Myanmar
Most help going to dictatorship not victims

I received an email the other day from B'nai B'rith International asking for a donation to help the people of Myanmar. In the past I have always made disaster relief donations through B'nai B'rith because I am confident that the victims not bureaucrats or corrupt politicians would receive my intended help. This time around I was skeptical.

As confident as I am in BB, I needed to know how they are going to get aid directly to the victims. So I called them.

When I placed my call to their financial department, the representative didn't have an answer, but asked for my information to have some one contact me. An hour later I received a call from a lead coordinator who explained in great detail how they were going to make certain the victims not military dictator received my help.

The short of it is that BB is working with IsraAid to get their relief efforts implemented directly to the people. To my surprise Myanmar has an embassy in Israel. BB through IsraAid went directly to the consulate to obtain visa permits for various doctors and relief personal to gain access to the country so they can directly administer help. Despite media reports, IsraAid apparently was able to get entrance visas without a hassle. Donations are going to pay for supplies and transportation of relief workers.

I urge everyone to help the people of Myanmar and to make certain that your donations help the victims not a corrupt government. I've done the homework, you write the check. Donate here.



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