Monday, May 26, 2008

Honoring Fallen Heroes

Remembering our finest
Paulie grateful his friends have returned home safely

One year ago at this time I sat at my computer thinking of how I wanted to express myself on this all important day. What I came up with was true to my heart and expressed how I honestly felt. Instead of trying to say the same thing, using different words, I would like to share my sentiments again on this day we honor our fallen heroes and give thanks to those who are providing us the very freedom too many of us take for granted.

Today is Thanksgiving and Independence Day combined. On Memorial Day we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, so you and I can live our lives and raise our families under the banner of freedom in the greatest country in the world.When your at the family picnic, neighbors barbecue or whatever activity you choose to attend on this important day, take a moment and say a prayer for those who gave their lives so you can enjoy today and everyday with your family and friends. Pray for the safety and strength for those defending our freedom and their families who have to endure the hardship and heartache of their loved ones putting their lives on the line during this dangerous and crucial time in our nations history.

Thank you Chris Morgaret who returned from his 18 month tour in Iraq last June. Thank you Arlene Walsh who is on her way home at this moment from a recent stunt in Kuwait and Iraq. Thank you Diane Grassi who served as an MP during the Iraq war and has returned home. Thank you Dr. Brett Schlifka who served in Iraq and saved the life of ABC News anchorman Bob Woodruff and his cameraman, Doug Vogt.

Thank you Omar Sotelo who served during Desert Storm and now resides with his wife and two children in Indiana. A special thanks to my great uncles and cousins who served during World War II. Dr. Irving Slot. Two time purple heart winner Max Kolpas and his brother Lou. Dr. Norman Moses. My great Uncle Sidney Miller who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Sid also located twin cousins of mine who survived the Nazi concentration camps. All of these brave men came home to their loved ones to raise their families. These men are part of the greatest generation, we honor them and remember their friends and countrymen who didn't return home.

A special thanks on this special day to my father Perry Miller. My dad was in the Army right before Vietnam. During the war he was an active and inactive reservist who could of been called up at any moment. Unlike people who ran off to Canada or physically abused themselves so they could flunk medical tests, my father would of gone. That time never came, but he raised me to respect those who served, love this country and stand up for what I believe in and fight for what is right.

Thank you dad. You will never know how much I love you and how proud I am to be your son.

Dan Seals gets a bill for $2200
Follow up from last edition

Democratic congressional candidate Dan Seals, who is challenging Mark Kirk (IL-10), received a bill for $2200 from the village of Lincolnshire for his political stunt last week. My readers will recall that Seals offered gasoline for $1.85 a gallon at gas station, but according to the local police department never informed the proper authorities. Not until residents called the police station to the confirm the gimmick, did the village contact his campaign who confirmed the event.

What was suppose to be an hour long lunch-time event, was ended in less than a half-hour due to the mile and a half long line on busy Milwaukee avenue leading to the station. If the Seals campaign is accurate and that is doubtful, approximately 50 motorists took advantage of the savings, which had a ten gallon limit. The campaign covered the additional gas costs which was the difference between $4.14 and $1.85.

Simple math shows that the Lincolnshire police bill is double the gas cost to the campaign. I guess you can't buy this type of publicity for such a cheap price even if the publicity turned out to be embarrassing.

Next time gas prices come up during the campaign, I hope someone will ask Mr. Seals how he plans to lower pump prices. I'm sure there will be a dead silence or at least a windfall profit tax mentioned, which won't lower prices, but give big government more money to not help people with.

HMMMMM, how about drilling in the United States, building a few new refineries and no longer taxing an item that is nearly as important as groceries to the average family. Oh wait, that would actually lower the price, make us less dependent on foreign oil, make America safer and help people. Can't have that now can we.

Jimmy Carter's Second Term
Paulies latest article causing a major buzz

If you haven't read it by now, you most likely will soon. "Jimmy Carter's Second Term" by yours truly, was published over the weekend in American Thinker. Within hours of publication, this one particular piece struck a big nerve and had made it's way all over the Internet including Sean Hannity's website.

During the week I am expecting numerous publications to up the piece and the buzz to grow. I am asking that they all credit American Thinker for originally publishing the article. In the meantime check it out now.



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