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Tuesdays with Paulie 5/20/08

Chicago Wins...Highest Gas Prices in Country
Democrats saying "No" to relief at the pump

When you drive around my middle class suburb of Chicago it's nearly impossible to find gas for under $4.00 a gallon. About a mile north gas is still hovering around $3.90. The difference in that mile stretch is Lake County vs. Cook County. Do I need to say which county has the higher tax rate and prices? I didn't think so.

This past weekend I traveled south to suburban Indianapolis were I found gas for nearly forty cents a gallon cheaper than the current $4.07 average currently spanking Chicago. My wife and I were thrilled to pay $3.75 a gallon. That sick statement needs repeating. "We were thrilled to pay $3.75 a gallon."

This week it was revealed that Chicago has the highest gas prices in the nation. A title no city in America would want, but nevertheless must be held by someone. Who better than the biggest city in the Peoples Republic of Cook County.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin is of course blaming the high prices on "Big Oil", in what is a blatant attempt to deflect attention from the real problem..."Big Government".

Tracy Knox of Springfield, Illinois is asking Durbin four easy questions that I'm sure he will never answer.

1. Why does Illinois have the highest gas tax in the nation?

2. Why do you consistently vote against drilling for new oil in America when more oil on the market will mean lower prices at the pump?

3. How much money in campaign contributions do you receive from special interest groups like the Sierra Club?

4. And finally, Sen. Durbin, how much do you want central Illinois to pay for a gallon of gasoline before you really do something?

Since Tricky Dick will not answer, I will do my best to help Ms. Knox. In regards to the first question, Illinois permits local municipalities, counties and townships to charge their own taxes in addition to the state rate. Most states have a flat rate that doesn't change. Illinois charges a percentile, so when the cost is higher the taxes get worse. Cook County has the highest tax rate in the nation, currently 9%. By November it will rise to 10%.

The second question is easy. Durbin is a typical Democrat who relishes in the suffering of people paying higher fuel costs. He believes they deserve it and he completely disregards the fact that fuel for the car is a necessity similar to milk and eggs. He despises big oil who profit from gasoline sales even though the government makes more money from pump sales than Shell or Exxon. Democrats dislike the idea of mini vans and suv's to transport families because they use more oil. God forbid mom and dad want a bigger car to protect and carry their children because these vehicles get 3 to 5 miles less per gallon than a typical sedan. How dare people try to provide a better life for their families.

If we permit additional drilling in the United States, the price will go down because supply will increase. We would no longer depend on oil purchased from foreign governments that hate us. They claim more drilling is detrimental to the environment. An argument that has been debunked for two decades, but one that is supported by a powerful lobbyist groups which partly answers question #3. The complete answer is over 1.2 million from political action committees and nearly 1.8 million dollars from trial lawyers for his campaign war chest.

As far as when will he "really do something?" The answer is never, unless he becomes politically vulnerable. Considering the fact that the lower economic groups he is hurting the most will blindly support him because of the "D" next to his name, why should he change his tune?

Why should the Democrat majority in Illinois care if the people suffer under their leadership? They will get re-elected anyway. People ultimately get the government they deserve.

Prayers for a Kennedy
Malignant brain tumor found in Ted Kennedy

I hope that readers of Paulies Point are not surprised that your brilliant blogger is sending well-wishes and prayers to Sen. Ten Kennedy. No doubt that I despise his politics and believe that his work in public life has led to more hardship than hope, but when politics becomes so personal that we wish suffering and death on those we disagree with, it's time to hang it up.

I recall sitting in a Mexican restaurant a few years back in suburban Cincinnati. My family and I were having dinner with a very good friend who happens to be passionately liberal on social issues. We were having a political discussion and he made disturbing remarks about Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. Simply put, he wished they were dead.

He told me that he believed their views and writings were very harmful and hurtful and they deserved such a fate for the greater good.

I am no fan of Ann Coulter who is a publicity hound, making controversial comments when she is trying to sell a new book. I do happen to appreciate Michelle Malkin, but regardless of their views, wanting them dead blew me away.

Ted Kennedy is a great example of the saying "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions." As the poster-child for Liberalism over the past half-century, he has been a force against free-markets and limited government. Simply put he has stood in the way of prosperity. Nevertheless I would not want to see harm come to him or his loved ones.

I won't B.S. my readers with disingenuous statements praising the man. However I will issue a genuine heartfelt get well greeting and offer my prayers to him and his family.

Clinton Wins, Obama Wins...What else is new
Obama claims delegate win in empty speech

If you heard Sen. Barack Obama in Iowa Tuesday evening you heard two different speeches depending on your mental state. After Clinton creamed him in Kentucky by a 35 point margin and he handily won Oregon by 12-15 points, the Illinois senator traveled to the Hawkeye state to declare victory in the delegate count.

With Florida and Michigan not counting for the moment Obama has won the delegate battle. He told his supporters as well as America last night that the Democratic nomination was well within his reach. The speech he gave was typical Obama. Exciting, uplifting and empty.

Without a doubt Barack Obama can talk, but what is he saying? The answer is nothing. His rhetoric is that America is in trouble, corporations are to blame, everyone hates the United States and we need "change." So in the words of his fellow Democrat Walter Mondale, "where's the beef?"

OK Barack, what is the solution? What's the big plan to improve the economy, lower gas prices, solve the health care crisis, improve education, defeat Islamic extremism, end the war in Iraq and make everyone like us again? I'm waiting...I'm waiting.

Do you hear that...listen...listen. That's right, silence.

Obama has no "beef" in his campaign. Great speeches that are filled with excitement and general statements, but no answers to the problems facing America. Raising taxes, increased regulations and bigger government aren't solutions, they are a recipe for disaster. Refusing to acknowledge that America is at war against radical Islam is a dangerous mindset for a U.S. President.

Wake up America. This guy is an empty suit telling you what you want to hear in speeches with no substance.



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