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The Checks are Coming...The Checks are Coming
Stimulus money enroute early, but are they too late?

A great headline if I say so myself. By the time you read this, there is a small chance that you have already received your economic stimulus check, better known as your "George Bush money."

Your brilliant blogger received his today via direct deposit. My wife and I are planning to use the funds for bunk beds for our boys, patio furniture and to pay bills. We will undoubtedly do our part to help boost the economy, but even we plan on taking nearly half our money and paying bills, which is not what Uncle Sam had in mind when they came up with the recovery check idea.

Most Americans will probably go a similar route as my family. We will make some purchases, which will help the economy, but as summer approaches as well as $4.00 a gallon gas, Visa will get a big chunk of the money.

The question being debated on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business channel is what affect will the stimulus have? The answer is very little. Sure we will see some short term growth spikes between now and September, but that will be it. At most the politicians will be able to claim that they supported the checks and look at the improvement. Convenient right before a November election.

If government wants to help John Q Public, they should get out of the way. The calls by McCain and Clinton to temporarily lift the federal gas tax is a very minor start. The savings would be less than twenty cents a gallon. The state and local taxes on gas is the real culprit adding anywhere from 50 cents to over a dollar to the cost per gallon depending on the state and local government.

Imagine if gas was a dollar less per gallon. Th rise in consumer confidence as well as the markets would be significant over-night. Practically speaking the lower gas prices would decrease the cost of food and nearly all consumer goods. But God forbid politicians ever do anything that gives power to the people and takes away their money trough.

The fact is that politicians are trying to blame oil companies for the high gas costs. In a gallon of gas, the oil company and the station owner receive the least amount sale. Guess who receives the most? You guessed it, the government.

I agree that oil companies shouldn't be granted tax breaks because I am against all forms of corporate welfare. This includes the farm subsidies given to corn growers who are making a killing over the big lie known as Ethanol. However Exxon and Shell are not the reason gas is so high. Gas taxes, environmental hoaxes and a weak dollar oversea is to blame.

If we want to fix the current recession and it is a recession, we must lesser the burden on the middle class and increase the value of the dollar. Stimulus checks are nice, but temporary. Lowering interest rates help some people, but is currently causing the dollar to become worthless, which is the biggest factor regarding skyrocketing oil prices.

Does this mean I don't agree with the stimulus checks program? No, not at all. The money being sent to taxpayers is their money to begin with. The government has a moral obligation to lessen the tax burden and they can begin by returning some of the money they normally would waste.

Any time taxes are lowered or citizens receive a portion of their money back, is a good thing. It's not only morally right, but anytime people not politicians spend their own money, we all benefit.

Obama's ghetto pass may be revoked
Senator criticizes his Pastor and Sharpton criticizes him

There is a question that very few in the media are willing to ask and analyze. Is Rev. Jeremiah Wright "deliberately trying to hurt Barack Obama?" On the surface the idea of Wright, who has been Obama's spiritual leader for twenty years and baptized both his children, would try to sabotage his Presidential ambitions is ludicrous. However below the surface it makes all the sense in the world.

Obama was experiencing smooth sailing in his bid for the Democratic nomination until Rev. Wright became an issue. Wright even admitted that at some point Obama would have to distant himself from him or his "Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell." Truth is that Wright knows he is a huge liability for Obama, but he obviously doesn't care.

With his recent appearance on PBS with leftist pawn Bill Moyers, addressment before the National Press Club and Detroit NAACP, Wright has demonstrated his love for the limelight and that he is driven by ego and self-importance. Instead of toning down his anti-America rhetoric, he reinforced fears voters have about Obama. People still are asking why he would sit in the pews of such a hateful man for two decades and remain silent?

So why doesn't Wright shut-up until Nov. 5Th is the new question?

The fact is that an Obama Presidency hurts Wright and his efforts to divide America, push his own separatist agenda and to promote victim hood in the black community.

The achievement of an African American becoming President in the White House is detrimental to the poverty pimps who profit from the billion-dollar industry known as racism.

This afternoon Obama, desperate to put out the flames caused by Wright's recent remarks held a press conference to once again try to distant himself from his spiritual leader.

Speaking of poverty pimps, Al Sharpton had some harsh words for Obama this week.

After last weeks not guilty verdict in the Sean Bell case, Obama made a public call for non-violence saying, "resorting to violence to express displeasure" was "completely unacceptable and counterproductive." This angered Sharpton. "[Obama] issues this statement and not a single rock had been thrown," said a source. "How does the candidate of change ask people to accept a verdict that is unjust?"

The source said Sharpton had hoped Obama would "side with the Bell family" and not use it as an "opportunity to grandstand in front of white people."

Sharpton is another person who stands to loose if a black man becomes President. The claim that America is this horrible racist place just doesn't play well when the leader of the country is black. Guys like Al would have to get a real job. Hey, Wal-Mart is hiring.



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