Monday, May 05, 2008

Special Guest Bloggers

Your brilliant blogger is proud to introduce a guest posting by two very important and brilliant people. Ethan and Noah have been inspiring others for five and 2 1/2 years respectively. They have a wide range of interests including cartoons, chocolate cake, McDonald's and their blankies. They are not afraid to express their views at any given moment and I mean that literally, including 2:00AM every other day.

Paulies Point has a special bond with these two young inspiring men since they are your brilliant bloggers children. They have a special heartfelt message for President Bush.

Thank You Mr. President Bush
A letter from your brilliant blogger's boys

Dear Mr. President Bush

Hi! it's Ethan and Noah. Do you remember us? We met you last year when you invited our mommy and daddy to your big house and pretty office. Daddy still talks about it, but we think he was more excited to meet Mr. Rove. There is a big picture of you with our family hanging over the fireplace that we never use. Our Grandma Phyl got the picture made real big and has one hanging in her and our Papa's living room. Everyone is so proud of that picture. We had fun during our visit. We like the M&M's in the white box you gave us.

We would like to thank you for the Bunk Beds you gave us. My daddy says he got them with the "George Bush" money, so once again thank you. Daddy and mommy were real happy last week when they said a big check was deposited in the bank. They thought about paying someone named Visa and American Express with it, but decided that we needed bunk beds and to help the economy.

Daddy says that we haven't spent all the "George Bush money." He wants to give some to our Temple and buy gas for our car. We get scared when daddy goes to the gas station. He always seems angry and uses words that are bad. We will get in trouble if we say them. He keeps referring to drilling in a land called ANWR and gets made at a veto done by another President named Clinton that...well lets just say the words can't be said by us or we will get in trouble. Do you know what daddy means when he says "mother" and a really bad word together?

Please forgive our daddy for saying bad words, he doesn't do it often. Usually he says bad words when we watch Fox News and he listens to an "idiot" named Alan Colmes. He makes daddy mad, but not as mad as the left-wing whore on the "Obama Network" named Chris Mathews. We don't like them because they make daddy angry.

We hope to see you again and get more M & M's in the white box. Mommy and daddy says you will be moving out of your house next year and will live on a ranch in a place called Crawford. Do you have horses and cows? Daddy says you used to have an ass nearby and she was called Cindy Sheehan, but she left after the media didn't care anymore.

Daddy says we don't know who will live in your house next year. He wants Mr. McCain, but says that another person named Clinton and an intellectually inept man with bad judgement named Barack wants to move in. His wife is pretty, but doesn't like America. We love America. We don't know how you can't love America. There's Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Elmo, Dora, McDonald's, Chuckie Cheese and Dunkin Donuts. We like chocolate with sprinkles. Daddy just gets coffee. He says he's too fat for donuts.

We have to go to bed now, so good bye and if you are in our neighborhood you can come over and see our bunk beds. Maybe we can have a sleep over party.

Daddy says that we should thank you for keeping us safe from Islamic extremists and that you should stop spending so much money and increasing the size of government. He also says that you should keep fighting for school choice. We like school. Why does daddy refer to a lady named Dana Perino as a hottie?

Your friends,

Ethan and Noah

50 Most Influential Political Pundits
Great example how Europeans don't get us

The UK Telegraph recently unveiled their list of the top 50 political pundits in America. The list is fascinating for one reason and one reason only. It couldn't be more wrong.

Most of the names on the list should be there is some capacity. Some are way passed their time and others are ranked high when in reality their viewer or readership is so minimal that the only reason they matter is because other pundits give them street credit because they use them as examples of bias or ignorance.

The best example may be #13 Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. Olbermann has undoubtedly become well-known, but not for the right reasons. His program "Countdown," has horrible ratings and the little viewership he has are similar-minded leftists leaving his program to influence nobody. The only reason he has any popularity whatsoever is due to his feud with #12 Bill O'Reilly, who should of been in the top five easily. The host of the top-rated O'Reilly Factor on FOX plays media watchdog and constantly reports MSNBC far-left bias and inaccuracies in reporting, especially stemming from Olbermann. The former ESPN anchor, Olbermann, is a favorite amongst anti-Bush types, which describes most European media agencies. The real reason he is high on this list.

Speaking of MSNBC hacks, Chris Matthews was listed as #2. I'm not sure who he bribed to get this so called honor, but his ratings are not much better than Olbermann and also gets more publicity than he deserves because he is always being chided for his partisanship by other news outlets. As Barack Obama's biggest fan, Matthews wouldn't understand the word fair or honesty if it bit him on the ass.

A few good rankings on the list is conservative incompetent #49 Mary Matalin. She hasn't been a real player since 1992 and we know how that went for the GOP that year. Matt Drudge at #6 was a dead on listing. His website is a must view numerous times a day by pundits and political junkies on both sides of the aisle.

Democratic consultant Donna Brazile is a decent choice at #19 as well as #18 pollster Frank Luntz. Strong arguments can be made to place both in the top ten. Comic pundits John Stewart #8 and Stephen Colbert #11 are sadly in the right spot. Some polls show that more 18-24 year-olds get the bulk of their news from these two brilliant comedians. So much for wanting young people to get into the political process.

Some of the rankings are simply ridiculous. #27 Pat Buchanan hasn't been a factor since 1996. This out of touch conservative anti-Semite is a favorite on MSNBC because he makes conservatives appear evil. IF he was the only conservative I ever saw I'd think Republicans were evil too. Radio talk-show host Michael Savage was ranked #25. This angry far-right pundit does have his place, but his disdain for all politicians on both sides of the aisle makes his influence moot. Savage deserved to make the list, because his ratings are often second to #4 Rush Limbaugh, but closer to the bottom would of been more accurate.

A few that didn't make the list, but should of at least received consideration are a few influential bloggers. LGF or Little green Footballs has become a staple amongst conservative circles and the Pro-Israel crowd. The American Thinker website and News Editor Ed Lasky should undoubtedly made the list. Every pundit on the UK Telegraph list reads AT. Recently the French publication Le Monde ripped Lasky for being responsible for the problems Barack Obama has with Jewish voters. Le Monde is only half right. AT played a major role in exposing Rev. Jeremiah Wright for the anti-America racist he is. AT educated the conservative talk-pundits about him, creating the discussion that would force the mainstream press to report on the matter. That's what I call influence.

Another name not on the list is Daily Kos founder/publisher Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga. Not even the New York Times is as influential as this liberal blog. Agree, Disagree, love or hate the Kos, it's influence in Democratic and leftist politics is unquestionable. Their annual convention yearlykos is a must attend for serious Democratic candidates, especially the Presidency. Zuniga not making the cut may be the best example of how flawed the list truly is.

Finally we have the #1 pundit Karl Rove. The man best known for being the "Architect" behind the Bush election victories, just became a pundit this year. Rove became a Fox News contributor just a few months back. Calling him the most influential shows how out of touch and poorly researched the list is.

Don't get me wrong, Rove's analysis of the current Presidential race is nothing short of brilliant. I wouldn't be surprised if he is truly the most influential pundit next election cycle. Right now he is too new to the game and many conservatives don't give him the credit he deserves blaming him for the 2006 congressional disaster.

Kudos to Paulie
Your brilliant blogger surpasses 50 pound mark

My readers learned this past February that I had underwent lap band surgery to help tackle my issues with obesity. To be blunt, I have been fat since I was in grade school and have been unable to grasp a handle on my weight issues. As I get closer to the big 40 with a wife and children depending on me, I decided that stronger measures needed to be taken.

I am happy to report that less than 100 days after my surgery I have already lost over 50 pounds.

I am open about my ordeal because I know millions of Americans struggle with obesity and would greatly benefit from weight loss surgery. The procedure I choose is not as evasive or dangerous as the better known gastric-bypass procedure. Even though my personal opinion is that with long term weight control being a priority, lap band surgery is the way to go even though the weight loss is about 20% slower than the bypass method.

Both procedures are very effective, but are only a tool and self-control is still required. If you need to loose 30-75 pounds, get off your ass and stop drinking sugar soda and switch to whole grains. If you need to loose more, consult your doctor and discuss a surgery option.

There are always risks, but doing nothing is the biggest risk of all.



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