Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tuesdays with Paulie: Final Super Tuesday Edition

Big Night Obama, but not all good
Hillary may owe Limbaugh

The tone for the evening became obvious early Tuesday night when most news outlets called North Carolina for Obama immediately after the polls closed. By evenings end the Illinois senator would win the primary by 14 percentage points.

Hillary found herself leading Indiana by double digits most of the night until the last numbers from Lake county (Gary, Valparaiso) began coming in. Obama quickly ate up her lead, but she managed to prevail by an unimpressive 2 percentage points.

The media coverage was typical pro-Obama. Cries for Hillary to get out of the race were louder than the Howard Dean Iowa scream fest. No doubt her performance this evening merits much of the cries, but there is more telling of the results that factor terribly for Obama.

Your brilliant blogger finds it astounding when an African American candidate receives 90-95 percent of the vote from his community it's referred to as unity. However when a Caucasian candidate gets 55-60 percent of the white vote it's blatantly hinted as racist. HMMMM!

It was that 95% black vote that gave him the lopsided victory in the Tar Heel state. The black population in North Carolina is nearly a quarter of the population and anywhere from the 35-40 percent of the Democratic vote. Go into any election with a 35% guarantee makes it very difficult for you to loose.

The troubling fact for Obama is that he continues to see his white support dwindle. After winning Iowa, a state that's entire black population may have been the Obama family on caucus day, it appears the various controversies surrounding him have taken a big toll. Non-Black Democratic voters are rethinking and switching their support of him with wealthy whites being the exception. A fact that does not fair well in a general election and gives credence to Clinton's claim she is a better candidate against John McCain.

Indiana which has an African American population under ten percent, but a high percentage of the total Democratic vote, had nearly identical demographic voting trends as North Carolina. The difference for Hillary was the non-black vote and the Limbaugh factor.

Hillary squeaked by Obama by under 23,000 votes. Anyone who doesn't believe that conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh and his operation chaos didn't garner her at least that number in support needs to put the Bong away. You read correctly, Rush Limbaugh won Indiana for Hillary.

Over the next week you will hear the calls for Clinton to end her White House bid get louder. However you will also begin to hear the Clinton camp make their claim Obama can't beat McCain and the Michigan and Florida delegates must be seated at the convention.

If Howard Dean was smart he would have had George Soros and a few other leftist money bags flip the bill for another election in Michigan a few months back. He should have taken a page from the GOP and validated Florida, but with the delegates cut in half as the early primary penalty. This way Florida speaks just not as loud and Michigan would have a voice. Instead you just have mayhem and great entertainment for the GOP.

Alan Colmes attacks yours truly
Leftist pundit confirms he is an "idiot"

Fox News and syndicated radio talk-show host Alan Colmes apparently did not find a recent blog of mine very entertaining. The far-left pawn of the Democratic Party has taken offense to my reference or should I say my kids quote of me calling him an "idiot." To be fair, I do not blame Mr. Colmes for being offended. Good for him for finally sticking up for himself. It's about time considering he has spent an entire career shying away or making excuses for fellow Progressives whenever they show their anti-Semitic tendencies.

I must confess that Colmes has been a source of not just frustration, but great entertainment over the years. Watching him on Fox News with my father in the room can be considered a sporting event because objects are constantly being thrown and usually at the television. "How the f**k can a Jew think like that," is my dad's classic line. Do to the high cost of TV replacement my mother has banned Hannity & Colmes from being viewed in their home.

Unfortunately for Colmes his comments support my claims that he is intellectually challenged. After quoting my blog he writes, "very nice that he wants to teach his kids to call someone with another point of view an “idiot” or, worse, a “whore.”

Did Colmes actually believe that a five and two-year old wrote the posting? I understand the offense he took, but did he not see that the blog was meant to make multiple points through a humorous manner and was not actually written by a child?

Sir, you are free to tear me a new one, especially after I have been chiding you for years. In fact I welcome it. However you should complain about how I am challenging your intelligence not your point of view. Furthermore if you disagree that as far as the definition of "whore" (Webster #3) in my reference to Chris Mathews than say so and make a valid argument to contradict my assertions about the MSNBC host.

Regardless I am glad that you decided to comment on my posting. Positive or negative dialogue and debate is healthy. I welcome you to answer this posting and make some attempt to prove that my opinions about you as well as Mr. Mathews are wrong.

John Bolton: US should bomb Iranian camps
Iran training insurgents in camps near Tehran

So what went wrong in Iraq? That question continues to plague the Bush administration since the famous 'Mission Accomplished' speech. The quick answer is that the United States was not prepared for the insurgency that developed after Sadam Hussein was ousted. However today violence is drastically reduced due to the "troop surge," but insurgency still exists and Americans are still losing their lives.

If the United States knows where much of the insurgency is being trained, do we not have the right as well as the moral obligation to destroy such a facility? Former United Nations ambassador John Bolton believes so and is calling for such camps to be bombed.

The United States has learned through captured fighters that Iran is training thousands of Iraqi fighters under the direction of the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. They have drafted in personnel from Hizbollah to train fighters from Iraq’s Shia militias.

The main camp is located near the town of Jalil Azad, near Tehran, according to coalition officials. Bombing or taking out the training facility will send a clear message to Tehran to stop meddling in Iran as well as showing that we will not allow them to attack us without severe consequences.

Paulies Point finds it very disheartening that if the United States has been aware of these training facilities for more than a short time, we have failed in our duties to protect our troops not to mention the Iraqi civilian population.

When it comes to foreign affairs, especially dealing with Islamic Fundamentalism and the middle east, there is no one I trust more than ambassador Bolton. His common sense approach to dealing with terrorism as well as his advisory role to President Bush has without a doubt contributed keeping America unharmed at home since 9/11.

President Bush, please listen to Mr. Bolton and take out this camp.



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