Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey with Paulie

Second Amendment gets second chance
The right to bear arms may finally be coming to your town

If you live in Morton Grove, Illinois or the nearby village of Wilmette, you are not permitted to keep a firearm in your home. Let me say that again. If you are being burglarized or attacked in any manner and you use a gun to defend yourself and your family, these and too many other towns across America will prosecute you for illegally possessing a handgun in your home. The good news is that these insane and unconstitutional local ordinances may soon be abolished.

The Supreme Court will be hearing a case involving a 1976 Washington D.C law forbidding any form of gun ownership in the city. Earlier this year a federal appeals court ruled the ban unconstitutional, forcing the city government to appeal the issue to the Supreme Court.

Assuming that the court Justices won't be using a crack pipe or pulling bongs while in chambers before the hearing, I fully expect the court to side with the constitution and rule at minimum that homeowners have a right to possess a firearm on their property. Whether or not the Justices decide to make additional pro-second amendment rulings is any ones guess. Hey it will be a nice new beginning.

Relaxing with a Good Book
"Vorshavsky: A Chicago Story" a great holiday read and gift

You may recall that a while back I had wrote about a new book written by Abraham Miller (Uncle Abe), Vorshavsky: A Chicago Story. I have finally begun reading the novel and have found each page intriguing. My wife has already finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are looking for an entertaining and interesting story to read or know someone who is, this book is a great option.

Besides Amazon.com the book is now available online at Target.com.

Congrats Abe! It's a great book. Everyone else go pick up a copy.

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to all
May God bring peace and happiness to your table and may you be surrounded by loved ones with a bountiful feast.



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