Friday, November 02, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 21 Cheshvan 5768

Daley Cons Chicago
Old political trick will win again

"I feel your pain!" Those infamous words by former President Bill Clinton seem to take up space over the past few days within the confines of Chicago City Hall. Mayor Richard Daley told the residents of Chicago that he has heard their cries over the proposed tax hikes and has promised not to take such drastic measures.

Disaster averted by the residents of Chicago? Not a chance!

When Daley made his proposals last month, he talked about a 15% property tax increase, taxing bottled water and increasing every fee under the sun. Chicago residents began screaming bloody murder as well as most Alderman. What everyone fails to realize is that this is an old political trick, one mastered by Daley's father the original Mayor Daley as well as the current Mayor numerous times in the past.

Call it psychology, politics or my choice term, Bullsh*t! The Mayor never planned to actually ask for the exuberant tax hikes. He new that during a time when the City of Chicago is already a grossly over-taxed city, Cook county is asking for tax increases and the CTA may be drastically increasing fees and cutting routes to fund their own incompetence, any tax-hike wouldn't be accepted by the voters. However, when the electorate is expecting a tax increase so outrageous that they fear being unable to remain in their homes, any news that eases the financial burden is perceived positively.

What Daley will do as he has time after time, is raise property taxes, increase fees and still tax bottled water. However he will do all of the above at a lesser rate, which will sadly be accepted by the people and the Alderman will support him because they can tell their constituents they were against the higher tax proposals.

At the end of the day, Daley wins, the Alderman win and the people think they have won. In reality the people loose because they still pay out more money to a corrupt government that will provide lesser services and continue to be accountable to no one...However the latter is solely the fault of the people.

Simply voting for politicians because they have a (D) next to their name even though their politics is taking food off your kitchen table and more money from your wallet, is the fault of the face in the mirror. People must also be accountable to themselves.

Fight for Free Speech
Congressman Pence fights for Broadcaster Freedom Bill

What does Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba and the Arab World have in common with the current leadership of the Democratic Party? None of them believe in free speech.

You may think my comparison is extreme, but when it comes to protected speech in the United States, the Democratic Party has been on a crusade to silence their critics in the talk-radio industry with what is deceptively labeled the Fairness Doctrine.

A Democratic Congress voted to turn the Fairness Doctrine into law in 1987, but President Reagan vetoed the bill and the rule was scrapped. A year later the talk-radio boom would begin with Rush Limbaugh and conservative viewpoints, presented by citizens, would dominate the airways.

For nearly 20 years the opinions of limited government, free markets, American way of life personalities have echoed across the United States and Armed Forces Radio. The big government, pro-regulation, high taxation ideas of the political left have had to rely on the the print media and network news programs to reach the masses. Since the liberal/socialist far-left dominates the mainstream press and the conservative/limited government right is the choice of radio listeners, the Democratic Party sees an opportunity to silence the opposition. In other words. Take away the free speech of those who's views you don't agree with.

So what makes the Democrats different than Cuba? With the exception that Democrats can't put you in prison or kill you for your views, the answer is nothing.

Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) has introduced the Broadcaster Freedom Act, which will prohibit the FCC "from having the authority to require broadcasters to present opposing viewpoints on controversial issues of public importance." This past June, Pence orchestrated a vote that placed a one year moratorium on the Fairness Doctrine. He was able to get 113 Democrats to go along with that decision. He needs 218 House members to bring the BFA to the floor for a vote. He will only need a small number of the 113 Democrats to break ranks and sign the petition and support the bill during an up/down vote.

The senate side will be a tougher task. Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman (R) is pushing the BFA through the senate, but Democrats are blocking the measure from getting a floor vote. As the Investors Business Daily wrote in a recent editorial, "apparently their definition of fairness is the absence of opposition to the leftist agenda and their voices' artificial domination of the airwaves."

It's about Free Speech stupid!



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