Friday, November 16, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 6 Kislev 5768

French Journalists Stage Violent Footage
Thousands dead due to anti-Israel journalism bias

It was video footage seen throughout the world. Many call it the catalyst to starting the second Palestinian Intifada. Undoubtedly it sparked increased violence against Jews, Israelis and Westerners throughout the world. But it never happened and thousands died.

Mohammed al Durah was a Palestinian child supposedly killed by Israelis during a gunfight with Palestinians. Television network France 2 filmed the battle and showed close ups of the child being protected by his father during the battle. However, from the onslaught many observers thought the video had many flaws, not to mention the event was filmed by a Palestinian camerman.

Philippe Karsenty, founder of the French online media watchdog, Media Ratings, accused France 2 of staging the al Durah ‘killing’ and called for the resignation of both the correspondent and the News Director who permitted the footage to air. These men sued Karsenty for defamation and won. However an appeals court has requested the 27 minutes of edited footage, which apparently tells the truth.

In court France 2 only provided 18 additional minutes and correspondent Charles Enderlin only provided a vague rationale to why he had not provided the missing video. Enderlin and Karsenty gave different interpretations of the video, but Enderlin's comments were so absurd that the courtroom broke out in laughter several times.

Professor Richard Landes has seen the entire footage and claims that two scenes had been cut out which clearly show that the violence had been staged.

The French court will not render a verdict until February, but common sense and decency have proven that bias journalists who's motives are unknown staged a firefight meant to make Israel look bad in the eyes of the world. Even if the court exonerates the French media watchdog group, justice can never prevail.

On October 12 of last year, two IDF soldiers, had mistakenly wandered into PA-controlled territory. They were murdered, their bodies disemboweled beyond recognition and their entrails passed around to a mob numbering in the thousands, where the remains were triumphantly chewed and swallowed. The mob invoked Durah’s death as justification for murdering two young men.

June 2005, a 21-year old Palestinian woman, Wafa Samir al-Bis, was stopped on her way to blow herself up and kill as many Israeli children as possible at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. She later said she wanted to kill as many Jewish children as possible to revenge the death of Muhammad al-Durah.

So where is the worlds outrage? The mainstream press in France has not even mentioned the revelation of the truth. Worldwide media outlets that had condemned Israel when the footage was released has refused to acknowledge that the video was or at least may have been forged.

The harsh reality is that this lie started an uprising and was used as a rationale to murder Jews. As far as your brilliant blogger is concerned the France 2 television news editor and correspondent responsible for this intentional act of deception should be placed on trial for crimes against humanity.

Special thanks to Richard Baehr for providing the update link for this story.

The Most Secretive Society Ever?
Will they be forced to wear elephants signs to identify themselves?

When we hear about secret societies one may instantly this of Skull and Bones or the Priory of Sion. However a society so secret exists that when members are confronted with the proof that they belong to this group, they still deny even though the facts are clear. I am of course speaking about...The Hollywood Republicans!

Adam Sandler and Kelsey Grammar can be found on the donor list for Rudy Giuliani, but neither will publicly comment on their financial support. Teri Hatcher, Kevin Costner and Bo Derek are believed to be in the GOP corner, but none will discuss their leanings, even though Derek has publicly supported Republicans in the past.

A few Hollywood "A" Lister's have had the guts to come out of the closet and unveil their conservative feelings. Robert Duvall is supporting Giuliani, Patricia Heaton is famous for her Republican identity and even more courageous are Drew Carey and Clint Eastwood who have admitted being Libertarians (awesome).

What will become of these people as the 2008 election draws closer? Will they be shunned from the best party's, reduced to cameo appearances only as we saw with Charlton Heston or will they be rounded up and sent to reeducation camps featuring the teachings of (Hanoi) Jane Fonda, Susan (Socialist) Sarandon and the ultimate Professor, Bill (ultimate a**hole) Maher.

Only time will tell what horrible fate awaits these stars. For now they will secretly meet and discuss the virtues of capitalism, limited government, freedom of religion and winning the war against Islamic Fundamentalism. They will hold meetings in phone booths that were once occupied by Jewish conservatives. But today those Jews hold their events in large ballrooms and continue to be the fastest growing GOP constituency in the country. Maybe their Hollywood counterparts will one day have the same success and acceptance.

Can a star dream?



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