Monday, November 05, 2007

Across the sea and closer to home

Trouble Brewing for Israel
Land for no peace in Israels future

As much as the Bush administration has supported the state of Israel, it too can see the end of their time in the White House. As the Clinton administration did so disastrously, the current administration with their European partners are pushing meaningless peace conferences and negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The same PA that has recently run a video on their television station declaring all of Israel to be replaced by Palestine.

The first and in reality the only question the Americans, EU and Israel must ask themselves is who is the partner for peace? The world and too many Jews believe Mahmoud Abbas is the answer to that question. The harsh reality is that Abbas only has limited control over one faction of the Palestian people. As we see from the above video and article, he has taken lessons from the playbook of Yasser Arafat.

The father of modern day terrorism used to portray himself publicly a man who wanted peace and later in life a two-state solution. However, when he addressed the Palestinian people, he would call for the destruction of Israel and filling the sea with Jewish blood. When former Prime Minister, now Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, offered Arafat nearly everything he wanted nearly ten years ago, Arafat left the negotiating table and called for a second Intifada. So much for any interest in peace. Unfortunately, many people believe including your brilliant blogger, Abbas is no different when it comes to peace with Jews.

The other reality is that even if Abbas became interested in peace, the idea is moot unless the terrorist groups, mainly Hamas also decided to lay down their weapons. As we see from the constant bombardment of missiles and rockets still launched into Israel on a daily basis, the militants only believe in an Israel with no Jews. I don't believe the PA is much better.

Right now the biggest immediate threat to Israel is not the Arab militants. It is in fact the vanity of Prime minister Ehud Olmert, Condolezza Rice, Tony Blair and President Bush. Their intentions may be well meaning, but too often good intentions not well thought out can lead to death and suffering. These individuals would love nothing more than to have Mideast peace be their legacy. However so did Bill Clinton and his ego driven pressure on Israel set the idea of peace back at least here we are now.

Right now the upcoming talks in Annapolis are not even a done deal. Both sides are requiring preconditions. However this conference will happen. The best Israel can hope for at it's conclusion is a stalemate.

For Israel, Land for Peace equals dead Jews. Less tightened security equals dead Jews. Anything short of recognizing Israels right to exist and a complete crackdown on all terrorism and the groups that perpetuate the attacks will mean no peace for Israel and more dead Jews.

The Move is Complete
Norman Rockwell Painting at Hand

Most of my readers are unaware that I recently purchased my first home. The family and I have left our two-bedroom apartment dwelling and have relocated to a single family three-bedroom house. Our big move was this past weekend, so the chore of unpacking and setting up our new residence is at hand and obviously occupying our lives.

This is a very special time for your brilliant blogger and his family. Nearly a decade of paying off loans, paying down bills and timing the housing market have led us to this great time in our lives.

A few years back when interest rates were a bit lower, many friends of mine kept advising me to buy then. The problem was as I pointed out, home values were terribly inflated and I wasn't going to move my wife and I to a dump so we can say we own. When my children were born and it was the same situation. I lived in a great apartment and I wasn't going to take my children to a dump so I can say I own.

Then it happened. The housing bubble burst, home prices began dropping and interest rates stabilized. As we all know now, home prices have drastically dropped, the sub-prime lending market collapsed and nobody is buying...I guess I can't say nobody.

The fact is that if you have good credit and a positive debt to income ratio, there is no better time in recent memory to buy a home then now. If you want to buy a bigger house, the price may be right, but selling your current home will be a problem. Unless you are in one of the few high demand areas of America, you will end up selling your property for less then it would of went for 18 months to three years ago. The home I purchased would of easily cost me another 75k to 100k two years ago.

If it sounds like I am gloating...I am. I knew five years ago that housing prices were inflated and that everyone paying ridiculously high prices with adjustable rate mortgages would find themselves in a terrible situation. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for them. Mortgage companies tend to convince young people that they can afford more than they actually can. I was amazed at the amount money my broker was able to get me if I so desired, even during the current mortgage crunch.

Your brilliant blogger will now be writing from the confines of his own home. During the warmer months my blog and published articles will come from awesome backyard deck. I'll try not to spill beer and barbecue sauce on the keyboard.

Shannon and I thank our family and friends for their advice and support during our home search and purchase. We also thank God for blessing us and giving our children the home they deserve to grow up in.

It's Kouder for Cedar Lake
Good man and friend running for local office

Paulies Point has only one endorsement during this off-election year. For my readers in Northwest Indiana around the Hanover Township area, I am strongly endorsing former Cedar Lake Police Chief Chuck Kouder for Councilman. When it comes to local government the issues are integrity and love for their community. Kouder is a man of the highest character and is deeply rooted in the area. Vote Chuck on Tuesday!



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