Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie (Halloween Edition)

Hillary Uncensored
Clinton political power exposed

Where is the nearly 2 million dollars raised for Hillary Rodham Clinton that mysteriously went unreported during her 2000 bid for the senate? That is a question very few in the media are willing to ask, but the subject of a new documentary that previewed this past Friday at Harvard University and has been the number one viewed trailer on YouTube for nearly three weeks.

In August of 2000, Hollywood insider and co-founder of Stan Lee Media (Spider Man creator), Peter Paul put together a tribute concert for President Bill Clinton, which doubled as a Hillary Clinton for Senate fundraiser. Paul worked hard for Bill and Hillary as a fundraiser, but three days after the gala event, it was reported that Paul had a criminal history, which included a three year stint in prison for cocaine possession with intent to distribute. With obvious concerns to having campaign and business ties with a convicted felon, the Clinton's went into political mode and began distancing themselves from Paul, which allegedly includes not reporting nearly 2 million dollars raised for Clinton during her 2000 senate campaign.

The alleged cover up involves an Clinton appointed judge, former campaign treasurer and his indicted subordinate as well as contributions made in the name of people who claim they never made donations (sound familiar). Check out this video and decide for yourself. After viewing the footage, ask yourself is the Clinton power structure invincible and if so, has the 2008 Presidential race been predetermined?

Kudos to Jeff Morton at Morton's Two Cents for his information that permitted this post.

Tribune Editorial Stirs the Pot
Newspaper calls for Illinois to adopt Recall and target Blagojevich

"Should Illinois join the 18 states that give voters -- as opposed to lawmakers -- the ballot power to remove state officials from office?" That is the question being asked by the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board.

The State of Illinois constitution does permit impeachment, but such a drastic measure is highly improbable by power fearing politicians. As the Tribune so accurately pointed out, Blagojevich's "reckless financial stewardship, his dictatorial antics, his penchant for creating political enemies," undoubtedly calls for the voters of Illinois to have the power to remove an elected official for being unable to do his job. The time for Recall is now.

Simply put, Recall gives voters, not politicans, the power to remove an elected official from office who has shown a complete disregard for his/her constituents or conducts the peoples business in an incompetent or unresponsive manner. Other words: remember when California residents voted their inept Governor out of office and replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger? The people of California not the politicians decided that their state needed a new direction.

Your brilliant blogger is a big supporter of recall. Any measure that gives people more control of their government and makes politicians accountable to their constituents is always a good idea. As I have said numerous times, power corrupts and it can become a devastating disease when it comes to politics. The only way to stop it from spreading is by making sure that the power remains in the hands of the people.

Undoubtedly the idea of recalling Blagojevich serves as a prime example of the need for Recall. However, regardless if a Recall initiative could be placed on next Novembers ballot in time to boot out Blagojevich shouldn't be the major reason to fight for such a measure. Recall should be written into every state constitution because it is the right thing to do. Remember: Government of the people, by the people and for the people. That is what Recall is about.



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