Friday, November 09, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 28 Cheshvan 5768

God is Watching
Paulie and kids escape bad car accident unharmed

It was a busy Tuesday afternoon for your brilliant blogger and his family. Mrs. Paulies Point was at work and I was returning home from picking up my four year old from preschool and had his baby brother in the car with us.

The boys were happy as can be and were looking forward to the Burger King cheeseburgers I had bought them as well as an afternoon with their grandfather (Papa), who was waiting for them at our house. A minute out from home everything changed in an instant.

While slowing down to stop for an SUV making a left hand turn, the sedan behind me was unable to stop in time and rammed us from the behind, pushing us into the SUV making the turn. I immediately turned around to check on my boys and by the grace of God, they were conscious and in good spirits. My oldest asked what happened and then began crying because his car was "broken." I immediately called 9-1-1 and requested an ambulance to have my children checked out.

When the police and fire department arrived, everyone was amazed that my children and I were not seriously hurt. Obviously I still had my kids checked out the Paramedics and they confirmed what I had already known...they were fine, unharmed as if God himself had protected them. Thankfully the other people involved in the accident also walked away.

Since the accident, I have replayed the incident in my head over and over again. I vividly remember the impact from behind and then plunging into the car in front of me. I am amazed that I was barely shaken up, but I shouldn't be surprised. All I can think about was my kids and when I turned around and so them both awake, with the look of curiosity upon their face, I was overwhelmed with relief.

Since then I have been to the tow yard twice to pick up items from the car. Each time I am more convinced that God protected my children and I from harms way. The tow truck driver kept telling me how amazed he is that we were unharmed. The police officer who took the report was shocked that we walked away from the crash.

So why am I writing about this nearly tragic event in my life? Because it was a "nearly" tragic accident. The lesson I take from this event is that you never know when God will be smiling on you and your loved ones. Even the most desperate circumstances are no reason to give up hope. As a father, husband and a Jew, I believe God was watching and protecting my children during the moments that our car was struck from behind, pushing my vehicle into an SUV. To walk away without a scratch is simply Devine Intervention.

Call me lucky, call me crazy, I don't care. I call my family and I blessed.



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