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Tuesdays with Paulie 9/18/07

Sally Field Speaks Volumes
Emmy comment exposes dangerous fact about America

Television critics and political pundits are debating why Sally Field was censored during her Emmy awards speech. As far as your brilliant blogger is concerned, I don't know the answer and don't really care. What I do know is that her words expose a dangerous reality regarding the American mindset.

"Let’s face it: If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn wars in the first place," Field said during Sunday evening's program.

Field made her comments from an emotional perspective and undoubtedly as a mother. What makes her words so intriguing is that on the surface they make sense. Women are nurturers and Men are the Hunter/Gatherers (sorry feminazis). Common sense would tell us that mothers would do anything to prevent their children from being in harms way. However, that is not the reality we live in today.

I'm reminded of the words of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” She was of course speaking about the Arab/Israeli conflict. However the violence Israel has endured for over half a century was a prelude to the current war against Islamic extremism facing Western civilization. Their hatred toward our way of life and non-Muslim existence is greater than their love for their own children. That is why many of them sacrifice their offspring without hesitation to commit suicide attacks.

Does this mean we have to change our attitude toward our children if we want to win this war? Heaven forbid! Our love for our children and desire for them to live in a free society is why we will prevail. What is crucial to our eventual victory is facing the harsh reality that the enemy will sacrifice their kids for the globalization of Islam. Therefore we must understand the extent our enemies will go to kill us and our children.

I don't want to be too hard on Ms. Field. As a fellow parent, I understand her point of view. However, recognizing the truth about Islamic extremism permits me to conceive the inconceivable. Realizing that our enemy hates us more than they love their own children, is the first step to achieving victory against an inhumane enemy.

HillaryCare is back
Watch your wallet and your blood pressure

She's back! Hillary Clinton is once again pushing her will on the American people with a new health care plan that has government bureaucracy written all over it. She warned you that the right wing conspiracy, people like your brilliant blogger, would spin her plan to sound like government controlled health care. No spin necessary. If it looks like sh*t and smells like sh*t, guess what it is.

So what does her plan include? For starters $110 billion in new taxes and more government control over health care. The government would force you to buy health coverage or face penalties, which would require a massive new bureaucracy to enforce the law. The new mandate would also require all businesses to provide health insurance to workers or pay additional taxes to Uncle Sam. This will result in loss of jobs, less hiring, wage reduction and more jobs going overseas. That is the reality of HillaryCare.

The new program will also expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). On the surface what could be better than providing all children with health care. However, her plan will actually move middle class families, who have private insurance, to taxpayer-funded government health care. These state-run programs are already facing terrible financial crisis; her plan will make it worse.

What is the most ludicrous requirement of her plan is that it forces Insurance companies to accept all applicants regardless of their health. Someone has to pay the additional costs, which will be enormous. Simply put, if you think premiums are outrageous now, you haven't seen anything until we get HillaryCare.

Once again Hillary Clinton shows her true colors. Big government can run your life better than you can. Capitalism and the Free Market are evil; government is the answer to all your problems. And God forbid the American people ever make decisions for themselves.

Don't believe me, fine. Check out the Cato institutes Michael D. Tanner. If you can't believe Cato, you can't believe anyone.



At 10/11/2007 10:20 AM , Blogger Jeff Morton said...

Dear Paul...I am sending you my article to both point out that we exist (as you well know) and to kudo you on the Paul Jacob article! The Democrat of today is just damn right Sadaam Husseinist! (just to modernize ruthlessness) They will crucify anyone who fights back! Courtesy of the, "Bill and Hillary Clinton Business Policy and Procedural Handbook!" American style! I also read your article, "African Americans Democrats Only" I will fight on...I also have and continue study the Jewish people and history, I have a deep and profound love Israel:

by Jeff Morton
A Simple Black American, Truly Set Free
October 10, 2007 12:19 PM EST

I was born black in 1959. As a kid I saw race riots, racism and black people abused on every level! I lived in upstate New York! Everyone I new (the adults) loved John F. Kennedy. I watched his funeral, he was dead but, he was God like to my parents and their friends.I saw Robert Kennedy shot and killed, I saw Martin Luther King Jr. killed. Black folk loved the Democrats and Martin Luther King Jr. I wanted to know why. In fact, I didn’t know their were Republicans

At 17, I went into the Navy and was in during the hostage crisis with Iran...I actually sat, on a big boat in the Indian Ocean monitoring communications over the entire country, Iran!

Carter was our President. The Iranians would send out gun ships and shoot at our fleet. We were told to stand down! Night after night I would relay to my commanding officers ship to ship communications about minor attacks on our fleet! I remember how humiliated we all felt! I was on a ship that could take out the entire country of Iran and yet Washington would not allow the fleet to defend itself! I was perhaps, 18 at the time. I remember our Captain being furious with Washington and the orders coming out of the Office of the President!

President Regan won the election! On the day he won the election (I remember it well) we received new orders. Any hostile fire from these gun boats would no longer be tolerated! My shipmates, with a resounding roar celebrated the new orders! We began to blow these gun boats out of the water. Ronald Regan was not sworn in yet but the attitude in the Navy changed immediately!

We began to broadcast what we were going to target with in Iran to the radical bastards who were now the leaders of Iran should they kill the hostages.This was all classified at the time. We told them that we would level there infrastructure, communication centers and industrial complexes. We would cut of the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz… literally to decapitate the country
I started looking at the shift in power and the differences between a Democrat and a Republican President! I began to look at the differences between our political parties in general! It took a short time to realize one constant truth.....

The Democrats were the main force behind Slavery, re-writing the historical facts about slavery and supporting segregation! The Democrat Party came up with a host of social programs that literally made people dependent on programs and government! I have since realized that these policies now manage poverty....Manage Poverty! (?)
I listen to Democrats fight for tolerance and justice as long as it is justice according to the Democrat. Slavery comes to mind, their is no better example to use!

I watch Democrats celebrate hypocrisy as though they have an intrinsic right to define it. I watch endless debates where democrats rarely answer a direct question. This has been an on going joke in my home, with my kids (now grown) for 4 years and running! For example...What color is the sky? (Typical answer sounds like this) Well, it's funny you mention the sky....people rarely use those examples of color and for you to use color as a reference point can be taken as a matter of racism. We on the other hand don't see the sky as the problem! My kids call me regularly on this subject about something they just watched or read. We laugh for hours about such dialog. None of my kids are Democrat or liberal! In fact, not many of my elder family members are Democrats these days. Reverend Wayne Perryman helped me to kill that loyalty in his book, "Unfounded Loyalty"

So, Michael Savage made a statement and how it has been distorted is like my example above....nothing about this is surprising!

President Clinton said, "it depends on the word, IS " while he wiped himself on a blue dress and the people of the United States! Hillary Clinton just hired Sandy Burger but she would never hire Marion Barry. One might (and should) ask why has no Democrat President ever put a Black Cabinet Member in their administration?
We have already lost the war according to Harry Reid! Then why Sir, are we still fighting a very diabolical enemy?

Hillary Clinton as president....our enemy wants to castrate her and throw a burka over her entire body! Ted Kennedy is an American embarrassment! He killed a woman for God sakes! John Kerry is rich because of the women he married. Rosie O Donnell would have been hung by now if she lived in Iran. Barbara Streisand would have been decapitated by now if we were a Muslim nation. It simply makes no sense to be a Democrat, they make no sense!

I learned a long time ago that the Democrat will let the enemy shoot at us and do absolutely nothing! This has never changed
When Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram or any conservative say any thing truthful the Democrats will do just about anything in order to "shoot them out of the water!" They just don’t use ammunition or bullets. They use the lack of common sense as a weapon of mass destruction! This used to be a very successful tool/weapon, that's changing...I am proof! They then say...it had to be done because we are tolerant and multicultural! IT MAKES NO SENSE TO BE A DEMOCRAT!

By the way....a few historical FACTS:

* The Republican Party fought to end Slavery.
* Three young Conservatives (white boys) started the NAACP in order to fight the JIM CROW laws!
* Frederick Douglass debated with Lincoln and the attitude of a nation begun to change (he was a Republican!)
* Susan B. Anthony was not a liberal!
* The Republican Party has never brought forth legislation to maintain slavery! Every piece of Civil Rights legislation, from the early 1920's through 1980's was fought bitterly by the Democrats...it's all a matter of FACT!
* The number one supporter of the KKK was the Democratic National Committee.
* For God sakes, the Republican Party began to form in order to FIGHT slavery in the late1850’s early 1860’s

Years ago I saw a difference in the political Parties and today, a greater knowledge of truth, both historical and present day facts clearly have me at odds with many uneducated, blind, Black Americans. It is for this reason that I can never adopt the term AFRICAN AMERICAN! I simply won't insult those Africans who died in order to allow me to be a free American! Those people would smack the living hell out of their son for wearing his pants down below his hips. None of their black daughters would be seen in a rap video. If those Black folk walked the earth today Grandma and Grandpa would be getting arresting for whooping the skin of Snoop Dog...and he knows it! Bill Cosby is telling you what you damned well better listen to!

I think we should allow every person in prison who has murdered, robbed or raped the American public out of jail....after all, the illegal aliens are doing it and they have both parties fighting for their right to do so! Why pick on Michael savage or Rush? Why throw a pie at Ann? Just let the country of Mexico keep sending us farm workers who pick our beans and babies off. (Not all do, I know this ..so spare me the diatribe!) What has happened to the Republican Party is horrifying! The Democrat Party has never stood for anything, never! Check their history, if it isn’t about power, they could care less! look at how they celebrated that little dictator from Iran (who was very involved with the hostage taking of my Navy days) The Republican party needs to simply STAND UP!!!

I loved Martin Luther King Jr too, especially after I learned the truth about his life and sacrifice. Jesse Jackson should be in prison and Al Sharpton is a pimp trying to be somebody! It's sickening....Tawana Brawley was simply a spring board for this racist piece of garbage. Many people don't know that this idiot went to jail over that lie. Where was Al Sharpton when Nifong destroyed the civil rights of these boys. Where is Jesse Jackson when a black woman lied about this case. How come he didn't chastise her....perhaps she is the mother of one of his children! (?)

And finally……

For all of you people living in New Orleans....If you go outside and stand on your porch, look up and see the Gulf of Mexico...You are beyond stupid to raise your family there! Blame yourself when something bad happens, dummy! When you say, “I am to poor to move” Well I have a scenario for you: I am speeding at you in my SUV and you are standing directly in front of my vehicle. As I near 100 mph and am just about to run you down, how is your poverty going to cause you to not jump to safety? Never mind...us conservatives turned off the hurricanes so no worries!

I am not politically CORRECT!

With absolute amazement,

Jeff Morton


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