Monday, August 27, 2007

Nanny State Equals Death Sentence

JFK must be turning over in his grave
Obama asks what can government do for you

This past Friday's issue of Paulies Point addresses the importance of people relying on themselves during a time of crisis instead of depending on authority or government to be their knight in shinning armor. This past weekend Presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) used the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of New Orleans as an example of the failures of government and the Bush administration during a large scale emergency.

Mr. Obama believes that government failed the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf region. Is he correct? Definitely. However, that is what government does, over promise and under deliver. Government on the local, state and federal level have two traits in common...bureaucracy and incompetence. The idea of having your life dependent on the insanity of federal, state or local authorities during a catastrophe is suicide. Sure there will be problems out of your control, but personal responsibility dictates that you don't hand your fate over to morons, you do your damnedest to save yourself and your loved ones. If the government can help then great, but don't depend on it.

Sen. Obama is acting like a typical Democrat. He believes people are not capable of helping themselves. Government can run your life better than you, which includes save your life during a crisis. The idea of big brother to the rescue may excite some, but it scares the heck out of me.

Just like everything else Obama as well as his Democratic colleagues are promising to spend your money to rebuild New Orleans. His
new plan includes: providing grants for community policing in New Orleans. Offering incentives such as loan forgiveness programs to try to attract doctors and college students. Ensuring displaced residents who want to return have a place to stay.Creating a national catastrophic insurance reserve, which he said would help homeowners struggling with their premiums. Don't you feel warm and touchy feely inside! What compassion!....No!

Louisiana and New Orleans are undoubtedly the most corrupt state and city in the country. Corruption in these areas make the Cook County Democratic machine look like the poster child for honesty and integrity. Simply put, money spent on Obama's programs will line the pockets of politicians and be spent on creating political jobs and more bureaucracy. That is a fact and until the people of New Orleans and Louisiana vote out the crooks, nothing will change.

Should taxpayers in 49 states flip the bill to rebuild New Orleans and the surrounding areas? I don't think so. We forget that the city was built below water. Let me say that again, below water. I was their a decade ago, staying in the vile, urine filled streets of the French Quarter. I recall looking up one morning seeing the ocean above me. Now we are suppose to spend millions if not billions of dollars to rebuild a town that will one day suffer the same fate?

Maybe I sound harsh, but often the truth hurts. I never felt New Orleans should be rebuilt with taxpayer dollars. If the private sector sees economic opportunity, all the power to them, the free market rocks! However, Obama and his Democratic cronies see a political opportunity.

President Bush has displayed a lack of urgency to rebuild New Orleans according to Obama. "I can promise you this: I will be a president who wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night with the future of this city on my mind," Obama said. If the idea of an Obama Presidency had Islamic extremists salivating at the mouth before, they must be intoxicated with joy now knowing what his priorities are.

Obama believes government is the solution for New Orleans. However, if you listen to him and his Presidential rivals in the Democratic Party, government is who failed New Orleans during Katrina. Regardless, when you believe in big government and the inability of the common American to run their own life, you revert back to Socialism and big brother's helping hand.

The residents of New Orleans had an opportunity after Katrina to take a big step in improving their lives by voting out Mayor Ray Nagin. However, they chose to stay with his incompetence and corruption. The electorate gets what they deserve when it comes to the politicians they put in office.

The idea of giving a city under his administration a single dollar, is no different than taking that dollar and throwing it in a fire pit. The people will never see it.

Hospital at Capacity...Sorry!
Canadian woman delivers quadruplets in Montana

Over a week ago a Canadian woman from Calgary had to drive 325 miles to deliver her quadruplets at a hospital in Montana. She carried her four children for 31 weeks, which is a good amount of time for this type of rare pregnancy. However, when she had to deliver, the Canadian medical system (socialized) had to refuse her due to the hospital already at maximum capacity.

The woman and her husband proceeded to drive over 300 miles to the United States to receive the necessary medical care for the mother of one who soon would be a mom of five. Benefits Healthcare Hospital in Great Falls, Montana, delivered the healthy newborns, who were refused by Canada due to a lack of bed space.

This story scares the crap out me. During a time when politicians and Hollywood whores such as Michael Moore are pushing this form of health care on the American people, claiming it is a better system then the one we have in place now, we learn the truth from stories such as this one.

Three weeks ago your brilliant blogger was hospitalized with a
leg infection. I needed heavy doses of antibiotics given to me intravenously. Left untreated this infection could of killed me or at least forced doctors to amputate my leg. I'm already missing my right arm, I don't need to be a double amputee.

Between the miracles of modern medicine and the U.S. health care system, I am 90% recovered and have been back to work for nearly two weeks. Without a doubt having good insurance is a huge benefit. Too many Americans do not have decent medical coverage, but the law forbids emergency rooms from denying help in life threatening situations. Our Canadian mommy would of never been refused in the United States due to capacity problems. Why she couldn't deliver in a Canadian emergency room and then have the newborns transferred to the maternity ward when beds became available is beyond comprehension.

Today we are learning that due to delays in available treatment for breast and prostate cancer in Britain, over 20% of patients who would of survived if treated immediately, die due to the 6-8 week delay. Necessary heart and bypass surgery in Canada and Europe can be delayed over a month due to system rules and regulations in their socialized medical system. How many people you know went to see a doctor one day and within 24 hours went under a knife to save their life? I know many, sadly in other nations immediate treatment in not available regardless of the life threatening severity. Once again victims of socialized medicine.

I agree that improvements must be made in the U.S. health care system. However those changes begin with preventative care and bringing down medical and insurance costs. Universal or socialized medicine is a big step backwards. However the ideas behind it sound good when politicians push it for political gain. Then again it's easy to sell a shit sandwhich when you convincedeveryone the it's prime rib.



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