Monday, September 17, 2007

Abandoned Principles

Greenspan Criticizes GOP
Republicans need to hear his words

In November of 2006 did the GOP deserve to loose control of thee House and Senate? Yes! Don't get me wrong, the alternative which is Democratic control is undoubtedly worse, but as far as the question at hand, the Republicans deserved to loose.

Words that I have echoed for a number of years are being spoken by one of the most respected economic minds in the world, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. In his new book "The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World," Greenspan criticizes both congressional Republicans and President George W. Bush for abandoning their core principles of fiscal discipline. The "lifelong libertarian Republican," claims to have advised Bush to veto bills to halt out of control spending. He writes the GOP in congress "swapped principle for power." Your brilliant blogger couldn't agree more.

On Monday I expect many conservative pundits to express limited agreement with Greenspan and stress the War on Terror as the reason the GOP needs to be in control. I agree with that notion, but that is still no excuse for Republicans to behave like Democrats. The former Fed Chairman is dead on with his criticism of Republicans who have abandoned their principles of limited government and fiscal discipline.

The media will focus on one line in his book, which he does not elaborate on. "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil." The Sunday Times (UK) is running a story focusing on that one line. Due to their disdain for Bush and the United States it's not surprising. The Drudge Report has a terribly irresponsible headline linking to that story. As a money person, I can understand Greenspan feeling that way because our economy is too dependent on oil and any major interruption of petroleum could devastate our economy. But catch the term "largely," in his statement. That tells me that oil was not the only reason. Nobody but Greenspan knows exactly what he meant by the phrase. I'm sure the blame America left will run with the comment.

No matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, Greenspan's words should be heard with an open mind. I understand his book praises many unlikely people such as President Bill Clinton, while ripping apart the Democrats in congress. Former Speaker Dennis Hastert is also highly criticized by Greenspan and we already know his disappointment in spend happy Republicans.

Greenspan is 81 years old and has no political agenda. His mark on history has been made and he now tells his story from his own perspective. Put down the partisan viewpoint and read the words of a brilliant mind. He may not always be right, but I believe he is always honest.

What Happened to Paulies Picks?
Sports advice and opinions no longer blog content

Many of my long time readers have asked me about last years weekly football feature, Paulies Picks. For those who don't recall, your brilliant blogger use to give his college and NFL football predictions as they pertain to the Las Vegas Odds line.

This year I have decided to discontinue the feature because I think it takes away from the focus of this blog. As a lover of freedom, I have no problem if people want to gamble or wager on sporting events. That is their right and the government has no right to tell you no. However, as a father I want to be an example to my children.

As a Jew I am concerned about the Gambling epidemic within my community. Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings are disporportionately Jewish. This was first brought my attention by friends in GA. The problem is so bad that many GA meetings as well as their conventions have Kosher food available. I have been to casinos in the past during Shabbus (my bad) and seen Orthodox Jews gambling. That is addiction and I don't want to contribute to it.

Does this mean I won't even discuss sports? Far from it. Between my fantasy football leagues and fascination with baseball and college basketball, sports is in my blood. Don't be surprised to open up Paulies Point and see I'm writing about Notre Dame's horrendous start this season in football or how bad the Bears looked in their win against Kansas City. And of course, I hope the Cubs blow it during the last week of the baseball season. See, I'm already writing about sports.

A Plea to my Catholic Friends
Please Take Back Madonna

You may or may not be aware that one of your very own, Madonna, has recently claimed to be an "ambassador for Judaism." It's a very nice gesture, but as a self-appointed spokesman for the Jewish people, can you please take her back?

We understand your reluctance to claim her as one of your own, so how about an incentive. I am willing to throw in Barbara Streisand, Aaron Sorkin, Al Franken, Roseanne Barr, Jeremy Piven and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Now that is a pretty good deal. In return we want nothing, absolutely nothing with the exception that she stops calling herself "Esther" and she stops claiming to represent the Jewish people.

If you care to accept this offer or have any questions, please leave a comment on this blog. Thank you for your consideration.



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