Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie 9/11/07

Kucinich: Enemy Agent
Presidential candidate rips America on Syrian television

What do you call a person who travels to a foreign country, which happens to be part of the axis of evil, meets with that nations leadership and blasts his own countries foreign policy on national television? Sean Penn? Yes, but not in this case. Danny Glover? Also correct, but not this time. Besides calling that person traitor, you would call him congressman. In this case Democratic Presidential hopeful, Dennis Kucinich, is the person committing treason.

The Ohio congressman is currently visiting the Middle East on a tour that will not include visiting the troops in Iraq. "I feel the United States is engaging in an illegal occupation ... I don't want to bless that occupation with my presence," he said in an interview in Lebanon.

During his stop in Syria he visited his old buddy President Bashar al-Assad, who he praised for taking in more than a million Iraqi refugees. While in Syria he was interviewed by the government run television channel, where he criticized the United States and President Bush. Kucinich said in reference to Iraq, "the United States is engaging in an illegal occupation."

Kucinich couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw a few punches at Israel, while talking to the Arab press. He brought up the "dire conditions" in southern Lebanon, especially Israeli cluster bombs leftover from the war with Hezbollah last summer. Kucinich claims he will ask UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to follow up and commit to "cleaning up these cluster bombs." I don't blame him for asking the UN to play janitor. The United Nothings are only good for cleaning up messes they were suppose to prevent in the first place.

The only thing that surprises me is that he didn't travel with more members of the blame America first crowd. Where were Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, Jan Schakowsky, Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda. Oh well, I'm sure they will make the next trip.

Meanwhile, the mainstream appears to have buried Kucinich's acts of treason. You would think they would relish in seeing a sitting congressman and Presidential hopeful be used by our enemies as a propaganda tool. Keith Olbermann alone should of requested he broadcast his show live from Damascus, while covering the Kucinich world tour. I guess MSNBC won't pay travel fees for a program that has ratings less than Kucinich's polling numbers.

Kucinich and his Progressive allies can sugarcoat this trip all they want, but the fact is that he committed treason by speaking against his country on the foreign soil of an official enemy of the United States. Now the terrorists can use his trip and interview for anti-America and anti-Israel propaganda. Thanks Denny.

Remembering 9/11
Together we stand, divided we fall

Six years have past since that tragic day that changed America forever. I will always remember where I was when I learned of the first plane hitting the North Tower. Driving to work it came over the radio, I immediately knew it was an act of terrorism and our lives would never be the same.

I also recall thanking God George Bush was President and not Al Gore. Progressives hate me for saying this, but I do believe it is possible that the 2000 election fiasco was Divine Intervention. Six years later, America has not experienced another 9/11 or any major attack on our soil. We have thwarted countless acts of aggression, very few ever publicized for security reasons. Ask any American on 9/12/01, if we would not experience another terrorist attack within the next year, let alone six, they would think your crazy. Thank you President Bush.

During you day today, take a moment and remember the 2974 victims of terrorism in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, who lost their lives on that September morning. Be grateful that you live in the greatest country and society in the world. Then tell your children you love them and give them a big hug.



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