Friday, August 24, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 10 Elul 5767

I don't know where to begin
Paulies mind working overtime, may explode

Writers often suffer from writer's block, which simply means, a temporary loss of ability to begin, continue or finish a story. I don't believe there is a term that has an opposite meaning, so I will deem one called writer's overload. Simply stated it is the dilemma of having too many ideas or subjects to write about during a limited amount of time. I like that.

With so much going on these days, it is hard to limit myself to just a few subjects during each blog post. Having a real job outside of sharing my brilliance with you and of course a family that super cedes everything in my life, time is precious. Come to think of it, my work in the Public Safety (911) field is a good place to start.

Riding the storm out
Appreciating police, fire and 9-1-1

Last night the Chicago area was pounded by storms that including 70 mph winds and thunderstorms that reminded me of Noah and the Ark. At 3:15 pm I had just finished swimming, enjoying sunshine and warm weather. At 3:20 pm I was in my car driving to work and the sky opened up. Wind gusts blew branches onto the roads, trees began falling and rain poured down in buckets. It was the worst storm I had ever witnessed.

When arriving at work, the emergency phone lines had already begun ringing non-stop. I didn't have time to change into my uniform, so I began my dispatching duties wearing shorts and a t-shirt, which was drenched from the rain.

Most of the calls were related to trees being down and some on homes and cars. Power, phone and cable lines fell like thread in a wind storm. Cars got stuck in the roads, unsuccessfully trying to drive through flooded streets. What is truly a miracle, no one was hurt or worse.

Many of my readers reside in the Midwest and experienced similar storms as Chicago did. Please take a moment and appreciate the police officers, fire fighters, 911 dispatchers and public works crews, who worked non-stop to keep the public and their property as safe as possible under life threatening circumstances.

Storms of yesterday's magnitude make it impossible for public safety employees to handle every emergency situation immediately. The fact is that there simply isn't enough equipment and employees to attend to hundreds, if not thousands of emergency situations occurring at the same time. That is why it is important for people to take control of their own safety and use common sense.

I worry that people rely on authority or government for their safety regardless of the situation. During a large scale emergency, police, fire and ems will be overwhelmed. I recall listening to the 9-1-1 tapes of the San Francisco earthquake that occurred in 1989. I will never forget hearing a call about a man having a heart attack. The dispatcher could only tell the person that they had to get to a hospital on their own. Every fire truck was engaged in battling fires as well as attending to the injured.

I don't have to explain how overwhelmed New York City was on 9/11. Imagine needing medical attention or having a typical house fire that day. Do you think help was immediate that day if at all?

When large scale emergencies are occurring, common sense should not only be applied to your own safety, but the safety of others. Calling 9-1-1 to get directions, traffic conditions, weather updates, airport information, power outage updates and to criticize the village or city for how they are handling the ongoing emergencies, only ties up emergency phone lines for real life threatening emergency calls. Simply put, never hesitate calling 9-1-1 when you have an emergency. Never hesitate if you are unsure it is an emergency. However, using 9-1-1 as your personal secretary or assistant only puts lives in harms way.

New Hamas Cartoon
This time children are taught to murder their own

From the network that brought you Farfur the terrorist Mickey Mouse wannabe as well as Nahoul the Hamas Bee that tortures animals, comes a new cartoon featuring the Lion King of Hamas killing the evil Fatah rats. With weapons supplied by America and money from the Zionists, watch how the Fatah rats have betrayed the Palestinian people, but are ultimately defeated by the Lion King of Hamas.

Of course I'm being sarcastic. However, if the guy who does the voice over work for films took a job with Hamas, I believe my description wold be accurate.

This new cartoon is intended to teach Palestinian children that Fatah and their Palestinian members are now the enemy. They are portrayed as working with America and Israel to portray the Palestinian people and they must be destroyed.

Got to give those Hamas program creators credit. Nobody can create ways to teach children hate like those Hamas Hollywood types. And Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky and the Daily Kos crowd believes they can be partners for peace.

Jackie Mason Rules
Legendary comic take on world fascinating

He's not a liberal or a conservative, he's just a man who objectively views the world and forms his own opinion. Legendary comedian Jackie Mason has been giving his thoughts about people and life for over half a century. Today comic genius is known for his no holds barred opinions about politics, politicians and celebrities. His website features a video blog that is typical Mason...blunt and hysterical.

Check out his commentary regardingf Karl Rove and the Democrats. He couldn't be more correct.



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