Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bullsh*t Served with Breakfast

This morning was not suppose to be any different than any other morning. My wife and I would wake up, get the kids out of bed and she would leave for work. I would cook my boys breakfast and put a pot of coffee on. My kids would turn on SpongeBob Squarepants, while I had my first cup of Joe and turn on the computer to check the early morning headlines.

What made this morning different was the level of Bullsh*t I found on the news sites was greater than normal. In fact two stories intrigued me greatly, but why I am shocked makes no sense since the sources are the very definitions of dishonorable.

Cindy Sheehan Interview
Glad I had a new pair of boots

The Hill published an interview today with the poster child of the anti-war movement Cindy Sheehan. The interview was conducted by Betsy Rothstein, which surprised me that Sheehan would even talk with a Jew that wasn't Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky or Noam Chomsky and the Jews who hate Israel crowd. Speaking of anti-Semites, the first question that intrigued me was when she was asked, are you friendly with any members of Congress? Sheehan replied, "I’m very friendly with many members of Congress: John Conyers, Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Dennis Kucinich and Jim McDermott." If there was ever any doubt about Sheehan's feelings toward Jews and the state of Israel, you can rest assured that she holds great disdain for Israel and her children. Her list of political friends is a who's who of the anti-Israel crowd. I will also contend that many of her congressional allies and her Hollywood supporters aren't very fond of the United States either.

During her conversation with The Hill, she was asked if she met President Bush and what she thought of him? Her response was predictable. "I met him about 10 weeks after Casey was killed, in Washington state at Fort Lewis," Sheehan said. "He was a pretty shallow person. He offended our family several times in the meeting." She was then asked how he offended her. "He went over to my daughter, Carly, and told her, ‘I wish I could bring your loved one back to fill the hole in your heart.’ And she said, ‘Yeah, so do we.’ She said he gave her the dirtiest look she had ever received from another human being. He called me “Mom” the entire time. He would never say Casey’s name. He called Casey “the loved one.”

This answer is so overloaded with bullsh*t that I'm sure that Rothstein needed a tetnis shot after the meeting. Sheehan referring to anyone as shallow is like Osama Bin Laden claiming someone is a terrorist. Like or dislike President Bush, anyone who becomes governor of a state and than President of the United States is not going to be shallow. No question that Bush may sound like a hillbilly sometimes, but only an extreme laymen would think he is actually intellectually inept.

What makes Sheehan's comments truly disingenuous is when she mentioned that her sister claims Bush, "gave her the dirtiest look she had ever received from another human being." Mind you that this meeting took place before Sheehan became the famous Bush hater she is today. At the time she and her sister were the family of a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. What reason would President Bush have for disliking Sheehan and her sister? Is she trying to claim that Bush has disdain for our soldiers and their families?

When I saw the President two weeks ago, one of the other families meeting with him was an African American military family in which the mother and father had both served in Iraq. Another person with us was a Lt. Colonel who had served recently in Iraq and during the first Gulf war. President Bush went out of his way to thank them for their service to our country. Bush took a personal interest in their activities asking countless questions of what they had done in the mikitary. Anybody who thinks that the President has nothing but the utmost respect for our troops and their families should have their head examined.

The reality is that Sheehan is a political pawn of the Progressive Left. This means embarrassing the President and getting their anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-Republican and anti-Bush agenda across is the only thing that matters. Even if it takes deceptive practices and blatant lying.

Interesting note: During the interview Sheehan was asked who her least favorite Democrat was? She answered, "Hillary Clinton." This is very interesting because it serves as another example of the far-left abandonment of Clinton, which is crucial in obtaining the Democratic nomination for President.

Time Magazine 100 List
Fey, Timberlake and Rosie more influential than President

Time magazine recently released their list of the top 100 most influential people in the world. To my amazement and to any clear thinking human being on the planet, the President of the United States of America is not on the list. Now I know that Time Magazine has become a propaganda mouthpiece for the Democratic Party as well as the Progressive Left, but no matter how much you loathe President Bush, there will never be a time in any of our lives that the President, no matter who, won't be one of the ten most influential human beings on the planet.

Instead of President Bush, Time magazine believes that the world is more influenced by comic writer and actress Tiny Fey, the Ugly Betty chic, drug addict model Kate Moss and the woman who created Grey's Anatomy. Maybe these individuals are more influential in Hollywood and Manhattan, but in middle America, the middle East and war torn Africa, who gives a rats ass about these people.

The list does contain plenty of well deserving public figures such as Nancy Pelosi, Condolezza Rice, Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey. None of these deserving individuals are as influential as the President, but for whatever reason, Time selected them.

Even crazy people arguably deserve to be on the list. Rosie O'Donell made the list and sadly their is a legitimate argument to be made she should be on it. She has a national audience and is the driving force behind the 9/11 conspiracy theory that the government brought down the World Trade Towers. Unfortunately, history does show that the masses can believe a madman or in this case a madwoman as long as they have a podium to shout from.



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