Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie "Communist Tuesday"

Going after the Jewish vote
Mormon not discounting Jews

Subscribers to the popular daily online publication Jewish World Review received an interesting email yesterday. Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney sent JWR readers a letter referencing various threats to the State of Israel.

The former governor of Massachusetts is undoubtedly courting the Jewish vote, which continues to remain heavily Democratic. However Jewish Republicans are currently the fastest growing voting block for the GOP. Romney has established, Jewish Outreach for Mitt, to assist his efforts in obtaining Jewish support, which may play a role in a close GOP primary.

Right now it is fair to say that former New York City (Hymietown for Jesse Jackson fans) Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the clear favorite amongst Jews voting in the Republican primary. Nevertheless, the Republican Party has abandoned the old James Baker attitude toward Jews and are putting together major efforts to court a voting block that will still overwhelmingly vote Democratic in 2008, but continues to gradually look at the GOP with an open mind.

Al Qaeda Leader in Iraq Killed
Possibly killed by his own man, now that's an asshole!

April was not a good month for President Bush. In fact, I believe it is safe to say that the highlight of his month was meeting my children in the Oval Office. Stop rolling your eyes, I couldn't resist. However, in all seriousness, between the death toll in Iraq and renewed questions regarding the successful nature of the troop surge, President Bush needs some good news.

This morning he got it. Al Qadea in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri apparently has been killed according to the Iraq Interior Ministry. The U.S. military has not confirmed the report. How the former Egyptian Islamic Jihadist died is also uncertain, but it believed that a Sunni Islamist insurgent group is responsible. It is well known in the region (not reported by U.S. Media) that Sunni Arab insurgent groups dislike Al Qadea tactics of indiscriminate killing of civilians. In other words, a civil war amongst terrorists may be brewing.

Regardless of how he died, al-Masri death would be significant blow to Al Qadea in Iraq. Of course he will be replaced, but this terrorist brought military skills rarely found in terror thugs. He has been a terrorist since the early 80's in which he became an explosives and weapons smuggling expert with Islamic Jihad. Some reports say he was involved in the 1981 assassination of Anwar Sadat.

The possibility that he was sent to Hell by another insurgent group reminds me of a great comment by former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Back in 1980 after being told that Iran and Iraq had gone to war with each other, he responded to a reporter, "I wish them both great success." When it comes to civil war between terrorist groups, I believe we all can agree that they all should have "great success" killing each other.

My only question is: Can the insurgent group that murdered al-Masri collect the 5 million dollar reward placed on his head by the United States?

Chicago Sun Times has no shame
Bears #1 draft pick already apologized for freshmen year mistake

College is a time for young adults or in reality older children to make mistakes, learn from them and move forward with their lives. As a freshmen in college, Chicago Bears first round draft pick Greg Olsen, recorded a Rap song with other football players at the University of Miami. The group called itself "7Th Floor Crew," after the seventh floor of their dormitory where the athletes hung out. According to Chicago Sun times reporter CAROL SLEZAK, the song is an "unbelievably disgusting rap." In her front page story Slezak writes she"lost count of the number of times I heard the word "ho," or a certain b-word or a certain f-word. And the lewd sexual acts that are described? Well, let's just say they're not appropriate for this newspaper.

Your brilliant blogger doesn't doubt Ms. Slezak's description of the song. My question to her and the editors of the Chicago Sun times is why are they bringing up an incident that occurred nearly four years ago in which Olsen and the University apologized for? ''As a freshman, a few of my friends and I recorded a song that was written for us," Olsen said. "It was an immature mistake on my part, and I certainly recognize it was wrong. I am not proud of what we did and have become a more mature person over the past three years." Hey Slezak, give the kid a break, end of story.

Slezak brings the story to lower depths when she brings the Don Imus situation into her piece. "Too bad Imus was a talk-show host instead of, say, an up-and-coming football player who reminded people of Mike Ditka. Instead of getting canned for his remarks, he'd be getting ready to sign a big, fat contract.

Imus was a radio personality in his mid 60's with over forty years of broadcasting experience. He had made comments similar to his "nappy headed ho's" remark most of his career and it caught up with him. Greg Olsen is barely old enough to buy a beer and she is making comparisons. What did this kid ever do to you?

Slezak doubts Olsen's apology since she found the song on Myspace.com and someone recently posted a comment on the page referring to Olsen being drafted over the weekend by the Bears. Whoever is running the myspace page hasn't logged on since the first week of this year and somehow the existence of this webpage must mean Olsen is the same immature, vulgar, sex crazed women hater he was in college.

After reading the article it's obvious that Slezak doesn't believe that this evil white male deserves forgiveness for mistakes he made as a 17 or 18 year old kid. The idea that the Bears would draft a player who once made lewd comments toward women in a song that he didn't even write is inexcusable. Was Olsen wrong when he made the song...of course he was. However if every man and woman who went away to college had to suffer the consequences of everything they did when they were 17 or 18 years old, very few people would be deemed hire able in our society.

The fact the Sun-Times did this story is questionable The fact they ran it on the front page is shameful and exposes the lack of journalism integrity at the publication. Maybe even worse is the recording on myspace that the reporter heard begins with the first rapper saying,"this song in it's entirety is not meant to disrespect any woman in their entirety." Maybe not proper grammar, but an obvious disclaimer and apology to woman before the song begins. I find it very interesting that the reporter never mentioned that part of the recording.



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