Friday, April 20, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 2 Iyar 5767

Hero Emerges from Virginia Tech Massacre
Professor and Holocaust survivor died saving lives

The disgraceful mainstream news media in the United States continues to report the horrors that took place on the VTU campus this past Monday. While they are searching to blame someone other than the murderer as well as turn this tragedy into pro-gun control propaganda, the courageous action taken by many students is being barely reported as well as the life-saving action taken by an Israeli Professor and Holocaust survivor.

76 year old Liviu Librescu recognized the panic outside his classroom and took action that saved countless lives. The man who survived the Nazi genocide of the Jews, barricaded the doorway of his Virginia Tech classroom and told the students to leave, while Cho Seung-Hui attempted to gain entrance into the room with intentions of murdering everyone in sight. Librescu students opened the window and began jumping out. All of his students survived the massacre, but the Israeli Professor was eventually shot through the door and died.

Librescu was layed to rest in Ra'anana, Israel Friday morning in which over 200 friends, family members, foreign diplomats and others who came to pay their respects. His wife was presented the Grand Cross of Romania - the country's highest civilian honor by a government representative. The beloved husband, father, teacher, engineer and hero was born in Romania.

13,000 Dow Jones close in sight

Remember a few weeks back when the stock market plunged 500 points over a couple of days threatening to dip below 12,000? At the time most economists called it a simple correction or adjustment in the market and not to fear. Some politicians and ignorant financial folks called the drop a sign of a coming recession.

When this edition of Paulies Point posts the DOW was less than 100 points away from the 13,000 milestone. So much for those doom and gloomers who refuse to believe we have a strong economy. Despite nearly $3 a gallon gas prices, big business and people are benefiting from tax-cuts, unemployment is at near record lows and the government is collecting more tax-money than ever due to people spending. Now if Uncle Sam can control his spending the economy would be near perfection.



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