Friday, April 13, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 25 Nissan 5767

Imus not the only loser
Free Speech, Children and Amputees also loose

This past Tuesday I strongly criticized radio personality Don Imus for his insensitive racist comments regarding the Rutgers University women's basketball team. At the time MSNBC took appropriate action by strongly condemning his comments and suspending him for two weeks starting this upcoming Monday after his radiothon for charity.

Even before the suspension, Imus profusely apologized and even went as far as appearing on the Rev. Al Sharpton radio program to say he was sorry and admit he did a "bad thing." Unfortunately, if you are a white male, apologies aren't accepted and second chances are not given.

On Wednesday MSNBC dropped Imus from their morning cable broadcast and on Thursday, after meeting with Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other civil rights activists, CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves announced that Imus was fired from his syndicated radio program.

Nothing good comes from the firing of Imus. The broadcast hall of fame member made a mistake, but he is being treated as if he murdered a human being or ruined lives for personal gain. Whatever happened to second chances or respecting a person for taking responsibility for their mistakes? Not for a straight Christian white male.

Since 1990 Imus has raised over 40 million dollars for charities such as SIDS, Autism and Amputees. His charitable contributions cannot be overlooked and should of been seriously considered by the media outlets involved as well as the advertisers who ran away from this situation. Unfortunately a lifetime of contributing to the betterment of humanity is a moot point when it comes to the Reverend tag-team of Sharpton and Jackson.

What makes your brilliant blogger literally ill is the fact that two despicable human beings such as Jackson and Sharpton are the judge and jury of right and wrong in America.

The Rev. Jackson had at least one extramarital affair that resulted in a child born out of wedlock. Jackson was paying the child's mother 10k a month, which comes from Operation Push a supposed non-profit organization. We can't forget when Jackson anti-Semitic side when he referred to New York City as "Hymietown," which he received limited public criticism and immediate forgiveness from the majority of Jews.

Sharpton's past actions has resulted in murder. As you will recall from my blog on Tuesday, I detailed Sharptons history of anti-Semitism. In modern day America hate-mongers, race-baiters, anti-Semites and Adulterers are deciding right and wrong. Media outlets and big business fear these poor excuses for human beings in fear of being labeled racists.

The Imus fiasco has many victims. Besides the radio personality having his four decades of work being flushed away because of an ignorant comment, worthy charities that mostly benefit children have lost a powerful voice and fundraiser. Free speech is a big loser, since the shameful tag-team of morality are deciding what you can and cannot say on the public airwaves.

The big winner is hypocrisy and fear. Sharpton and Jackson are the definition of Hypocrites, while they use fear tactics to achieve the results they desire. Imus has been silenced. Sharpton and Jackson win, compassion and forgiveness loose.

Eminent Domain Abuse on sale at Target

Nobody loves the so called "Big Box" stores more than your brilliant blogger. Target, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Best Buy and Circuit City all bring a smile to my face and relief to my wallet. However, when any business or municipality is using Eminent Domain abuse as a reason to take away a persons property, close businesses and put up a different business for the sole purpose of higher tax revenue, we are that much closer to turning the stars and stripes into a sickle and hammer.

The Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois is the latest government entity to abuse Eminent Domain. Village trustees are planning to bulldoze a strip mall to make way for a Target superstore.

My favorite limited government group, the Sam Adams Alliance, is helping the little guy fight big brother in their land grab attempt. Paulies Point joins Sam Adams as well as a coalition of groups fighting "the man" and hopes you will join our efforts. Please take a moment and send an email to Target, demanding they stop their land theft efforts. Click on the link in this paragraph for the facts.

Happy Birthday Ethan

This past Wednesday my first born son Ethan celebrated his fourth birthday. His birth was undoubtedly the greatest day of my life. It was the day I became a dad and there is no experience in life more rewarding than being a father and today I am blessed times two.

Thank you Ethan for the joy you have brought to me and your mother. Thank you for being a super older brother and a shinning example of why nothing is more important in the world than our children. As a gift to my son, I ask that you take a few moments today and hug your kids and tell them you love them at least ten times a day. Happy Birthday Ethan, daddy loves you!



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