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Tuesdays with Paulie 1/9/07

Wesley Clark Blaming Jews

In an interview last week with the Huiffington Post, former and future Democratic Presidential candidate Wesley Clark took the convenient "Blame the Jews" route while discussing the possibility of bombing Iran's nuclear facilities. When he was asked why he was so sure the Bush administration was planning to bomb Iran, he replied: "You just have to read what's in the Israeli press," said Clark. "The Jewish community is divided but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers."

Here we go again. Another prominent Democrat is blaming Jewish pressure and Jewish money for action that has or in this case has not even taken place by the United States government. If you ever watch an interview with Clark or read an article he has written, it's obvious he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Clark's solution to every foreign policy issue is th United Nations. The fact the UN has proven to be a useless entity when fostering peace and only serves as a forum to hate America doesn't seem to resinate with the former Nato Commander. What has become apparent is that Clark may favor the UN due to it's long standing hatred toward Israel. Clark has already expressed his belief in the Jewish power and money conspiracy, so it's no wonder he loves the United Nations who promote that hateful anti-Semitic thinking everyday.

Paulies Point is calling for Wesley Clark to immediately apologize to the Jewish Community and for Democrats and Republicans to strongly condemn his remarks and demand an apology.

FBI Arrests Chicago Alderwoman
Democratic Machine no longer invincible

Chicago 20th ward Alderwoman Arenda Troutman was arrested early Monday morning by FBI agents for taking bribes to grease a development in her ward. Apparently she didn't go quietly. Upon arriving at her home at approximately 6:30 a.m., Troutman refused to open the door. She spoke to the arresting agents through a 3rd-floor window refusing to leave her home. Before being able to arrest the four term Alderwoman, agents had to break a window to open a door.

The complaint alleged Troutman (20th) took $5,000 in cash and was promised $10,000 more to smooth licensing and zoning for a development at 57th and Halsted Streets, where she also had arranged to have a residence and commercial space. The development deal never existed; it was invented by the FBI as part of the sting. (Chicago Tribune)

First Assistant U.S. Attorney General Gary Shapiro described the complaint against Troutman as another Chicago "Civics Lesson." in the citiy's corrupt history. "You want to build something? You want to improve your property? You need permits from the city?" Shapiro said. "You need zoning? You need the alderman's support? You want the alderman's support? You pay the alderman--you pay Arenda Troutman."

Troutman is of course denying any wrongdoing, but her conversations with FBI officials is apparently on tape. She ws also allegedly caught on tape comparing politics with prostitution: "Most aldermen, most politicians are hos."

What your brilliant blooger finds so amusing in this situation is that it occurred on the same day Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his fellow Democratic Executive office holders where being sworn in. The inaguaration ceremony turned out to be low-key with many office holders and contributors wondering if they would be attending another swearing in ceremony soon for Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, who would become Governor if or when Blagojevich gets indicted. With the exception of Blagojevich all the other office holders emphasized the need for clean government in their addressment tio the crowd and reporters.

The truth is that corruption in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois is tradition amongst the Democratic machine. It is not only business as usual, but expected and sadly accepted amongst the voters. The residents of Illinois, especially Cook County get the government they deserve. Voters must take responsibility when they knowlingly put dishonest people in office.

More Presidential Candidates
Biden and Romney Announce setting up exploratory committees

Delaware Denator Joe Biden announced "I am running for President," during his appearance on Meet the Press Sunday morning. Biden does bring great experience on international afairs to the Presidential race. To his credit he is one of the few politicial leaders on both sides of the aisle who has an actual plan for Iraq. Biden believes Iraq should be divided into three separate countries based on ethnic lines. Your brilliant blogger has stated on numerous occasions that this idea deserves serious consideration. I like the idea of Biden's candudacy because it actual brings a keen intellect to the debate. Something currently missing from the Democratic field of contenders. Biden's first presidential bid collapsed 20 years ago amid allegations he plagiarized a campaign speech from then-British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Can a Mormon be elected President? We will soon find out. Masssachusetts Governor Mitt Romney threw is hat into the ring yesterday with a with a glitzy event in which he flew in all his national fundraisers to begin networking their friends to raise the first 100 million needed to run for the White House.

The Mormon question will play a big part of Romney's campaign. Mormons are often regarded very negatively amongst other Christians in fact one Evangelical friend of mine who will remain nameless has stated that he has family that would never vote for a Mormon regardless of political affiliation or positions. As a Jew I will never understand Christian on Christian discrimination. You will hear more from your brilliant blogger regarding Romney in the future, for now check out this article from another bright guy, George Will.



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