Friday, January 05, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 15 Tevet 5767

Shalom Boys & Girls...I'm Back!

It's been a rough couple days for your brilliant blogger. I won't go into the gruesome details, but let's just say it wasn't pretty. I'm still not 100%, but then again when I'm 75% I'm better than most. At what you ask...I have no idea, but it sounds good.

Parental Advice

Every since I could remember, I have been a big fan of cop television shows. From episodes of SWAT and Starsky and Hutch in the 70's to Hill Street Blues in the 80's and the 90's domination of the multiple Law & Order series, I have watched and enjoyed them all. However, my wife and I recently have found ourselves paying more attention to making sure our children do not see these programs. When these programs air on prime-time television, it is usually at a time past their bed-time. Due to syndication the violence and gore often associated with these great shows can be seen 24 hours a day.

My concerns about violent programming was enhanced nearly a year ago when watching an episode of CSI. It was a typical murder crime scene, gruesome and gory, but my 2 1/2 year son at the time seemed to be engulfed in the images and he had a look of fear on his face. From that moment on I made it a point to make sure these scenes are not in the presence of my children. I admit it is impossible to keep images off death and violence completely out of our children's lives, but we can do our best to limit these images and change the channel or close the internet page when they arise. More importantly we can be there to explain to our children what they have seen in a manner they can understand.

So why am I telling you this now and not a year ago? I was reminded of how vulnerable our kids are to images they see in the media when I recently read a tragic story of a Houston area 10-year old boy who accidentally killed himself when he mimic the execution of Sadam Hussein. The young boy watched the edited video on a news report.

By no means I'm advocating censorship. In fact I believe that after 9pm foul language and nudity can be permitted on TV. By that time young children still awake should be doing homework or reading instead of watching the boob tube. It's about parental responsibility. Don't let society or in many cases law enforcement raise your kids, you do it. That means knowing what they watch and when they watch it.

Obama used Cocaine

The pride and joy of the American left, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), admitted using cocaine and other drugs during his high school and college years. This confession was written in Obama's memoirs 11 years ago. Before your brilliant bloggers tackles this revelation I do have once question nobody is asking. Who writes their memoirs at age 35? Unless you have a fatal disease or are planning suicide, why would you even consider publishing your life story before you are near middle age? Only he knows the answer.

If the junior senator from Illinois smoked pot or admitted trying cocaine it would be brushed under the rug. However, the notion that he may have used cocaine and other drugs for up to eight years may haunt his candidacy now and in the future for President. Thanks to Bill Clinton and George Bush, Marijuana and Drunk Driving are accepted practices of our political leaders. Even though it is believed that the late campaign revelation that George Bush had a DUI probably cost him the popular vote in 2000. Cocaine however is a different beast.

Do I personally care that Barack Obama used cocaine regularly when he was in high school and college? No. When I was in college I smoke a little marijuana and dropped acid on two occasions. I saw that minuscule drug use almost cost me a job nearly 5 years ago because one of my interviewers thought the notion of any illegal drug use at any age was a major character flaw. As with Obama it was part of my past and not part of my present and that's what matters.

I can write a book on why not to vote Obama for President, but it's based on his political ideas and inexperience. The reality is that many Americans will find his Cocaine use disheartening and feel that they could never trust him as President. This issue will not go away if he jumps into the 2008 Presidential race. I can see Hillary salivating already.

NFL Playoff Weekend

Before we get into the upcoming NFL playoffs, let's deal with the bad. Last week Paulie's NFL picks sucked. Enough said. The NCAA picks did OK and I will address them after the BCS Championship Game Monday night. And now Wildcard Weekend.

The Giants are a 7 point underdog traveling to Philadelphia. I believe the Eagles are the hottest team in the NFL and will prove it covering the 7 points, 27-17.

New England is a 9.5 point favorite hosting the Jets. Never bet against Tom Brady in the playoffs. The Patriots will win, but will not cover the 9.5 point spread. 24-21 Pats.

Dallas heads to Seattle to see who will play the Bears. The Cowboys are a 3 point underdog against Seattle in what should be a good game. This game is a tough one to predict because Dallas is the better club on paper, but have many distractions. I like Seattle with the points, 27-20.

Finally we have Kansas City as a 7 point underdog traveling to Indianapolis. Before I go on let me say "stay away from this game." The fact is nobody has a clue which Indy team or KC passing game will show up. Indy should win this game 35-27, but it can easily be 35-14 Chiefs with Larry Johnson running for 150 yards and three touchdowns, while Marvin Harrison drops passes and Reggie Wayne gets ignored. Since I must make a prediction, Take Indy and the points if you dare.

Check Back Monday for a special edition.



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