Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Evening Quarterback

Paulies Picks Rebounds

2-1-1 is a weekend I will take anytime. The Eagles and Saints came through, while Bears game was a push. I blew the Colts game. After manhandling Cincinnati the week before, I was convinced Indy could easily handle the lowly Texans. I was wrong and so was almost everyone else. Still a good weekend for the picks.

Beware of Philly

If there is one team that nobody in the NFC wants to play against, it's the Eagles. Everyone including your brilliant blogger believed the injury to Donovan McNabb would mean an end to the Eagles season. Not so fast. With former Pro-Bowl QB Jeff Garcia at the helm, the Eagles may be better than ever. Head Coach Andy Reid has everyone on this club playing at their best and doing so as a team. RB Brian Westbrook is still arguably the most dangerous player in the NFL, which causes an opponents coaching staff to concentrate on stopping him, while Garcia utilizes others weapons such as Wide Receivers Donte Stallworth and Reggie Brown.

The Eagles have gone from a team believed to be done for the year to leading their division with one game remaining. As a Bears fan I will tell you they scare me.

Put a fork in Indianapolis

I hope I am wrong, but I believe the Colts will play one playoff game and be out. On the road this team is mediocre at best and at home you don't know if the defense will show up to back up a great offensive attack. Tony Dungy has failed miserably as a head coach to put together a Super Bowl contender. He has had 5 seasons to put together a good defense, instead he has put together a defense modeled after the French military. After this year the Colts need to get rid of Dungy. The fact is Peyton Manning isn't getting younger and Marvin Harrison is not the receiving stud he once was. Luckily the offense has Reggie Wayne and Joseph Addai, so they will remain explosive for a few more seasons under Manning. However unless the Defense develops, the Colts window of Super Bowl opportunity will close without a ring.



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