Friday, January 12, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 22 Tevet 5767

Carter Center Resignations Continue
14 advisers leave in disgust over book

There was once a time that Jimmy Carter was viewed as America's Greatest Ex-President. That opinion was shared by Americans regardless of political beliefs or affiliations. After his disastrous term as President, Carter developed a reputation as an ambassador of goodwill and fairness throughout the world. However, that man no longer (if ever) exists and any label of success or greatness has long been forgotten by many. Even a clueless DNC Chairman Howard Dean, who once referred to Carter as the greatest friend Israel ever had, could never imagine that Carter would be viewed by some as condoning terrorism.

The controversy stems from Carter's latest book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." Middle East historian and Emory University Professor Kenneth Stein was the first to resign from the Carter Center in early December. "Being president doesn't give one the prerogative to bend the facts to reach a prescribed reality," Stein said. He also charges that the book is "replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments."

The latest to resign are 14 members of the center's advisory board. During the press conference board member Steve Berman quoted a passage from memory found on page 213 of the book. It was imperative, Carter wrote, that Arabs and Palestinians "make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals" of an internationally proposed peace accord "are accepted by Israel."

"What does that say to you?" asked Berman. He's condoning terror as a means of obtaining the objective of a Palestinian state."

Besides being a statement of support for terrorism, which is disgraceful on every level, the passage supports one of two conclusions. Carter is ignorant of the situation. He ignores the fact that the Palestinian government under Hamas refuses to even recognize Israel's right to exist as well as many Arab nations. Israel has repeatedly given up land and even went as far as to give into 98% of the Palestinian demands nearly ten years ago. Every instance of Israeli goodwill has been met with stepped up terrorism efforts.

The other possible conclusion is that Carter doesn't believe in Israel's right to exist. That may be a hard pill to swallow, but Carter consistently blames Israel for the violence perpetuated against themselves including excusing last years murder of Israeli soldiers and kidnapping of two others. Carter blamed Israel for not agreeing to the demands of terrorists who wanted a prisoner exchange. Israel's two for hundreds. Just what Israel needs, hundreds of potential suicide bombers released to cause death and destruction of Jews.

Former New York mayor Ed Koch, in his 1984 book Mayor, recalled a conversation he had right before the 1980 election with Cyrus Vance, who’d recently resigned as Carter’s secretary of state. Koch told Vance that many Jews would not be voting for Carter because they believed “that if he is reelected he will sell them out.”

“Vance,” recalled Koch, “nodded and said, ‘He will.’ ”

Tuna Exposes Pelosi Hypocrisy

It's nothing more than a feel good bill anyway, I'm referring to the minimum-wage increase recently passed by congress. Politicians raise the minimum-wage or "living-wage" as the whores in Washington and New York news bureau's prefer to call it. One of the minimum-wage greatest champions supposedly is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). However it has come to light that the new wage increase does have a very interesting exemption. For the first time ever the minimum wage is extended to the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands. However, it exempts American Samoa, another Pacific island territory that would become the only U.S. territory not subject to federal minimum-wage laws. So the question, especially house Republicans are asking is...why?

It turns out that one of the strongest opponents of the minimum-wage bill coming to American Samoa is the islands largest employer is StarKist Tuna. StarKist's parent company, Del Monte Corp., has headquarters in San Francisco, which is represented by Mrs. Pelosi. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

"I am shocked," said Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) the GOP chief deputy whip. In reference to Mrs. Pelosi campaign promises of honest government. "Now we find out that she is exempting hometown companies from minimum wage. This is exactly the hypocrisy and double talk that we have come to expect from the Democrats." Republican Mark Kirk who supported the legislation to my disappointment analyzed the situation appropriately. "My intention was to raise the minimum wage for everyone,"said Kirk. We shouldn't permit any special favors or exemptions that are not widely discussed in Congress. This is the problem with rushing legislation through without full debate."

A spokeswoman for Mrs. Pelosi said Wednesday that the speaker has not been lobbied in any way by StarKist or Del Monte. Which means the fact that American Samoa is the only Pacific island territory not subjected to minimum-wage laws and 75% of it's citizens are employed by a company in Pelosi's district is just a coincidence. I wonder if there is a boot manufacturer in the Speaker's district. It's sounds like it getting pretty deep to step in it out there.

Bush the Human Being

It's no secret that as a Reagan Conservative your brilliant blogger has been very critical of President Bush, especially on his lack of fiscal discipline and his handling of the war in Iraq. The President by no means can be considered a true conservative. However, I have always praised Bush as a man. I believe his love for his fellow man and his integrity as a human being is undeniable.

Yesterday the President gave the Medal of Honor to the family of Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham who was killed when he jumped on a grenade to save fellow members of his Marine patrol while serving in Iraq. Reuters news service captured a photo of the President with tears in his eyes during the ceremony.

Some people will dismiss the photo as a President taking advantage of cameras on him. I recall when Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was killed in a plane crash in 1996, President Clinton was seen the funeral laughing during a conversation and immediately changed his face to sadness when he realized the cameras where on him. Agree or disagree with Clinton's politics, he was a man driven by selfish egotistical goals. Bush is the genuine article.

So while the Bush haters on the left will claim that we went to war for oil, Haliburton, Israel, personal revenge or the financial benefit of a few, I will contend that President Bush struggles everyday with the notion that American soldiers have died because of decisions he made because he is President of the United States. When it comes to integrity and compassion in Washington, President Bush leads by example. To bad very few are following.

NFL Playoffs

Indianapolis will take their high powered offense on the road to Baltimore Saturday against a superb Ravens defense. The Colts are a 4.5 point underdog and I believe they will not cover losing the game 24-17.

Philadelphia travels to New Orleans as a 6 point underdog for a Saturday evening contest. I love this match-up and the line. Take Philly and the points. I also believe we will see an upset, Eagles win 21- 20.

The games that is generating the most excitement is New England Patriots at the San Diego Chargers. Simply put it's never good to bet against Pats QB Tom Brady, but the Chargers are the best all-around team in the NFL. San Diego is a 4.5 point favorite and I believe they will win, but they won't cover the points. 28-24 Chargers.

My Chicago Bears host the horseshoe up their ass Seattle Seahawks. The Bears are 8.5 point favorite and should cover, but the game as a whole is a bad bet. Nobody knows which Bears QB Rex Grossman or Bears Defense will show up. If the good Rex shows and the strong defense comes alive, Bears will annihilate Seattle. If either shows up, the Bears will win, but won't cover. If neither shows up, Bears go home early. If you truly want to wager this game, decide which Bears squad will show up and bet accordingly. My belief...Bears cover?



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