Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 12/12/2006

Olmert comment mistake not revelation
Israel Needs Ultimate Deterrent

In an interview Monday by a German television station, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was talking about the Iranian threat and indirectly stated Israel has Nuclear Weapons. "Iran openly, explicitly and publicly threatens to wipe Israel off the map," Olmert said. "Can you say that this is the same level, when you are aspiring to have nuclear weapons, as America, France, Israel, Russia?"

Shocking! The Jewish State has the bomb, who would of ever guessed? Except...the whole world. Don't get me wrong, Olmert's slip of the tongue is stupid, especially since Israel's policy has always been to be ambiguous about the subject. I am not one to defend Olmert, who is over his head as Israel's Prime Minister, but the whole world has known for decades that Israel has had nuclear weapons. If you think about it honestly, nobody needs the Bomb more than the Jewish State or at least the perception of being a nuclear power.

While political opponents of Olmert are sharply criticizing his mistake, Vice Premier Shimon Peres credited for creating Israel's nuclear program and its policy of nuclear ambiguity, told a reporter in France on Tuesday that Israel's nuclear option had achieved its goal of deterring its enemies. Peres is credited for establishing Israel's nuclear program in the 1950's as well as it's policy of ambiguity.

The notion that Olmert is the first Israeli leader to make a comment that can be construed as admitting they have nuclear weapons is wrong. Peres himself violated the nuclear ambiguity policy in the past, most notably as prime minister in December 1995 when he said, "Give me peace and we will give up the nuclear program," and in September when he said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should "bear in mind that his country could be destroyed, too."

So Israel has the bomb. My response...Thank God! Since 1948 Israel's very existence has come under threat numerous times. During the early stages of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Israel was suffering grave setbacks and it is believed that Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told Prime Minister Golda Meir that he didn't believe Israel could hold on much longer and "This is the end of the third temple." Those words were code for permission to use nuclear weapons.

Israel obviously never used Doomsday devices. It is believed that Dayan informed the Nixon administration of their intention and was persuaded by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to hold off and the United States would resupply Israel with much needed weapons and ammunition. Israel was able to turn the table on the Egyptian-Syrian military before turning Damascus and Cairo into a nuclear melting pot.

As news of Olmert's blunder spread, enemies of humanity gathered in Iran to attend a conference denying the Holocaust every happened. One again Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spewed his hate claiming the "Zionist regime soon be wiped out." With Iran developing nuclear technology and Ahmadinejad continuously calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map," the Jewish state has a justified need for nuclear weapons. With Hamas and Hezbollah launching rockets and missiles into Israel, targeting civilians, Israel would be justified in destroying the governments that support these Terrorist organizations. Iran and Syria should listen to Shimon Peres because he is right that Israel can destroy them too. The difference is that the Jewish state cares about human life and goes out of it's way to spare innocent civilians, while defending her citizens. They use woman and children as human shields, while targeting woman and children. With that type of mindset, it's a miracle that Israel still exists. Maybe part of that miracle is the nuclear deterrent.



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