Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterback 12/11/06

NFL Sunday...Wow!

To call the 2006 NFL season exciting would be an understatement. Going into Sunday's games all the so-called experts where praising the Dallas Cowboys as the team to beat in the NFC, while nobody was willing to sound the alarm bell regarding the offensive woes and defensive debacle of Indianapolis. New Orleans was not viewed as a serious contender. Jacksonville and Baltimore still couldn't get the credit they deserved and the Chargers finally started getting accolades saying they may have an offense as strong Indianapolis.

Now it's Monday morning and the 2006 season has completely shifted direction. Not only is Indianapolis showing vulnerability, they are doing so on both sides of the ball. For years Coach Tony Dungy has been trying to build a defense to go along with his superior offense. The defense is getting worse and couldn't stop the run if it was permitted to use land mines. Adding to the recent Colts debacle is an offensive game plan that supports my concern that Dungy can't get Indy to the Superbowl. Over the past three games, it has become obvious that Indy feels they must get WR Marvin Harrison more involved. All year long WR Reggie Wayne was the go-to guy and Indy was unstoppable. Suddenly Wayne is not getting nearly the same amount of throws and Harrison drops more balls than he catches. Peyton Manning can throw for over 300 yards and the team only puts up 14 or 17 points. This past week the Colts were annihilated by Jacksonville 44-17. Harrison must of had over a half dozen dropped passes and the Colts defense couldn't stop my fat-ass if I was rushing the ball. It's time to panic in Indianapolis.

What about those Chargers! If there was any doubt who is the team to beat this year, that doubt has been erased. QB Phillip Rivers and new single season Touchdown record holder RB LaDainian Tomlinson lead the leagues most dangerous offense, while being supported by a very underrated defense. Their Sunday afternoon demolition of Denver became painful to watch midway through the 4th quarter. With New England being schooled by a mediocre Dolphin club and Seattle losing to last place Arizona, San Diego has become a virtual lock for home field advantage through out the playoffs. The Charges shouldn't pack their bags yet for that big game in February, Baltimore's defense wants their shot at LT and the boys. Unless the Colts can exchange defense's and coaching with another club, we should see San Diego and Baltimore in the AFC conference final.

Who would of thought going into Sunday night that Dallas would get creamed at home by New Orleans? How could such a rampage take place against the greatest thing since sliced bread...QB Tony Romo. According to all the sports "experts", Dallas is by far the best team in the NFL since they found the next Roger Staubach. What "experts" forgot is that Saints have a pretty strong offense lead by QB Dree Brees and RB combination Reggie Bush and Deuce McCallister. With injured Wide Receivers the Saints pounded Dallas 42-17. Saints Head Coach Sean Payton out-coached the great Bill Parcells hands down. The on-side kick and unforeseen use of fullback Mike Karney was brilliant. Never underestimate good coaching. Dallas finds themselves only one game ahead of the Giants and Eagles in their division. Before we crown Tony Romo "almighty", make sure you first make it to the playoffs.

Tonight's Bears/Rams game only affects the home field advantage scenario during the NFC playoffs. If the Bears win 2 of their last 4 games, they will have home field throughout the playoffs. However, tonight's game will have all eyes on Bears struggle QB Rex Grossman. Most sportswriters are calling for the Bears to give backup QB Brian Griese the start if grossman continues his downward spiral. Tonight I expect to see the first half of the game to play a big role in that ultimate decision. If Grossman starts out poorly, unable to move the offense and throws more than 1 interception, I believe we will see Griese in the second half.

I have not jumped on the "bench Rex" bandwagon. It must be noted that we are talking about sitting a QB who is 10-2 and has had many fantastic games. Undoubtedly Grossman is slumping badly. His mechanics are way off, he has trouble reading defenses which has resulted in too many interceptions. However, Grossman is loaded with talent and has a rocket for an arm. He is the future and must be treated that way. That doesn't mean you continue to allow him to play, when his performance is sub-par and your going into the post season. If Grossman stinks tonight, bench him for the second half and the following game. Allow him to regroup and work out the kinks. Than bring him back for the following week and if he has ironed out the kinks great, if not utilize Griese as long he is playing well and use him in the playoffs. Go Bears!

Weekend Picks:

As of now Paulies Picks went 2-1 and waiting for the outcome of tonight's game. I called it correctly for San Diego/Denver and Tennessee/Houston, but was way off for San Francisco/Greenbay. Regardless of tonight a good week, with Bears covering tonight a great week.



At 12/12/2006 4:04 PM , Blogger Aaron said...


Have you seen this site?

Just found it. Seems like a good Bears blog.

You might also already know about these, but just in case:

Soxmachine actually links to several different Sox blogs.

I just discovered these, but am planning on checking them out.

I usually visit:


But that's just me.....

Hope you are well.


At 12/12/2006 4:08 PM , Blogger Aaron said...


Pasted windycitygridion twice.

The other CWS blog I meant to display was:

Sorry again.

Hope you find these interesting.



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