Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 10/24/06 (Late)

Blagojevich Blows Off Stroger and Ministers

Last week the Stroger campaign for Cook County Board President asked for financial and political support from Governor Blagojevich. Today a rally was scheduled at a South Side Church with both candidates, 100 ministers and congregates. What was billed as the Rod & Todd Kick Off Show turned out to be the Rod No Show. Unfortunately for the attendees, Stroger arrived 2 hours late and Blagojevich never showed up.

Now is not the time for either candidate to be alienating African American voters. Both candidates need their votes and must give African Americans in Chicago a reason to even show up to the polls on November 7th. Both candidates, especially Stroger will receive a lopsided majority of African American votes compared to their opponents. The question that remains is will this voter block show up to the polls on Election Day?

Disappointing Duckworth

Over the past few months I have been highly critical of 6th District Democratic Congressional Candidate Tammy Duckworth for her unwillingness to debate her opponent Republican Peter Roskam. A few weeks ago Duckworth finally debated her opponent on WBBM radio and more recently at College of Dupage. Monday night she appeared on WTTW Channel 11 to discuss the issues with Roskam. As I promised Duckworth apologists who sent me emails, I happily informed my readers of her WBBM radio appearance and the days of debate ducking Duckworth had ended. While watching her debate Monday night, it occurred to me she was better off not showing up.

With nothing but respect to her service and sacrifice for her country, I'm not sure Duckworth has had an original thought this entire campaign. Her debate answers can be found almost verbatim in the DNC playbook. When challenged to give specifics about issues, she failed and reverts back to general answers. As the campaign moves forward my article, Handicapped Candidates Only, appears more and more accurate. When I wrote the piece I was hopeful that she would prove my premise wrong. Agree or disagree with her politics she deserves respect and admiration, but instead she remains a tool of Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean.

Duckworth is only a few points behind Roskam in the most recent polls. She may be the next Congresswoman from IL 6th Congressional District. Unfortunately she won't represent the people of the 6th, she will be a second vote for the 8th District of California.



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