Monday, October 23, 2006

19 Years and Still Kicking

October 23rd, 1987

Happy Anniversary Paulie! Well not exactly a happy anniversary, but a significant one at least. It was 19 years ago today that your brilliant blogger entered the University of Chicago Hospitals to undergo surgery to have his right arm amputated. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, the cliff notes version is 2 years earlier a tumor was discovered near my elbow, it was removed, I underwent radiation therapy and it appeared to have been gone...for two years that is. The tumor came back (recurrence) and surgery was scheduled. I had always known since the original diagnosis that if the cancer came back the arm would be amputated.

If that wasn't bad enough, my best friend's mother had passed away that day after her decades long battle with breast cancer. If there was ever a shitty day, this was that day.

Alright, enough of the bad because it's all good. 19 years later I'm alive, kicking, writing, working, fat and most important I'm married and the father of the two most beautiful and brilliant boys in the world. I have been a peer counselor to other cancer survivors and amputee's. I have written about cancer survival and have spoken at Universities on the subject. Nobody with one arm can drink a pop, eat a burger, talk on a cell phone and change the radio at the same time, while driving a car as well I can. The real challenge is changing a baby's diaper loaded with poopie, while he's trying to get up and watch his older brother beat up the cat. I guess it still is a Happy Anniversary!

President Obama?

So why would Illinois Senator Barack Obama be a good President? Pose that question to the average citizen and you'll get a long pause. Eventually that person will say something to the affect, I like what he has done as a Senator or I agree with him on the issues. The reality is that he has done nothing as a Senator, in fact the Chicago Tribune called him "disappointing" after his first year in office. As far as the issues go, he speaks in generalities and has come up with no solutions. I guess that just makes him a typical Democrat.

Soccer moms are partial to him because Oprah keeps pimping him out. Woman also find him attractive, which unfortunately plays a big role in the political decision making process for many females. Hey, that ain't me being a chauvinist it's called reality. Hey don't get mad at me you picked Bill Clinton over Paul Tsongas and would of chosen Gary Hart over Walter Mondale if he didn't get caught on the boat with the blond. Anyway, back to Obama.

So here we are approaching mid-term elections, which means the 08 Presidential campaign begins after Christmas. Obama has a new book out because he is such a great authority on life. He is making the media rounds promoting it and of course he finds himself on Meet the Press talking to Tim Russert and adding fuel to the fire of him possibly running for President.

Don't get me wrong I actually like Obama. I may not agree with most of his politics, but I do believe he is a respectable human being and a force for good. As for now, unlike his senate counterpart in Illinois, he is not a Democratic hack placing the Party first instead of the good of the country. I do believe these calls for him to run for President are ridiculously pre-mature. The man barely has a record to run on, he has accomplished nothing as a legislator and is surrounded by great hype because of his 2004 convention speech, Oprah appearances and good looks. How quickly everyone forgets that in 2000 he was crushed in the Democratic Primary, challenging former Black Panther Bobby Rush for Illinois 1st congressional district. He lost by a 2-1 margin and was made out to be an Uncle Tom during that campaign. The fact he challenged the Cook County Democratic Machine and a sitting corrupt African American congressman does go to his credit as person.

Like or dislike Obama 2008 is not the time for him to run. At the age of 45 he has a lifetime to run for President, but more importantly for Obama, 2008 will be a grudge match for the Party Nomination and his name will be dragged through the mud by Clinton, Edwards, Kerry and Gore. He should continue riding his high popularity, accomplish something in the Senate and consider 2012 or 2016. He will be 51 or 55 years of age respectively. Take some good advice from a guy who probably won't vote for you anyway.

Speaking of Politics

I will be posting my political endorsements the Friday before the election on November 3rd. If there is a particular race of interest to you, let me know and I will make sure it's included.



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