Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 2/14/06

Happy Valentines Day!

Shannon and I will be spending a very romantic Valentines dinner at Hooters. I am not kidding. Shannon has been craving their chicken sandwhich and curly fries, so when I told her we can go anywhere she wants, she said Hooters...Yes, I am a very lucky man.

IU Coach Mike Davis

Unfortunately my information (little birdy) saying the incompetent coach of Indiana University's men's basketball team would be resigning was wrong. I would not be surprised if the sources associated with the university simply interpretated his "illness" as being sick of being at IU and he would submit the resignation. It is interesting that Davis was able to handle multiple phone interviews immediately after Saturday's home loss to Iowa. If you read the Espn or Fox Sports interview you get an immediate sense of how shameless this guy is. Nothing is his fault and the fans are being hard on the players. No Schmuck, they are tired of your stupidity and feel pity for the players under you.

Al Gore

I respect the former Vice President's right to disagree with current government policies, but to go to Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islamic extremism, and rip the United States in every manner possible is simply shameful. Especially, since we all know he has no real convictions and is trying to get in good with the hardcore left for a 2008 run at the White House.

A side note on Gore's speech in Saudi Arabia. He was asked by the crowd about the United States adamant support of Israel referencing multiple UN resolutions condemning Israel. Gore decided not to defend US support of Israel and said "we can't solve theat long conflict in exchanges here."

I have said for years that Al Gore is the worst human being to ever run for President.

VP Cheney Hunts Down Lawyers

Stupid story gets stupid title. Has anyone ever heard of the word "accident" in the news media? The VP accidentally shoots a friend with pellets while hunting and you would of thought he was a serial killer on a twelve state killing spree. The White house press core anger that they weren't immediately informed is comical. Saturday night, Sunday morning it's not even a relevant story. The recent development that the victim has suffered a silent heart attack is sad and we should all pray for him, but this being a real news story and not just a late night joke by Jay Leno, shows the sad reality of modern journalism.


Pitchers and catchers report Friday. Go White Sox!


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