Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 2/7/06

SuperBowl XL

This past Sunday's Superbowl was as exciting as listening to Al Gore speak. Seattle head coach Mike Holmgrem's coaching performance was also similar to a Gore speech since they both are bleeding with incompetence. This should not take away from Holmgrem's great career coaching Greenbay and Seattle.

During yesterday's homecoming rally for Seattle, coach Holmgrem showed that he was looking to shift the blame to outside forces "We knew it was going to be tough going up against the Pittsburgh Steelers," Holmgren said. "I didn't know we were going to have to play the guys in the striped shirts as well."

Shut up! I was dumbfounded that this great coach who has Hall of fame potential would make such an idiotic comment. Hey Mike, your team didn't show up and you were out-coached. End of discussion. Congrats Steelers!...Better hope your legacy isn't one of whining prison bitch.

Jimmy Carter and Hamas

This subject needs it's own full length commentary. For now I will just say keep it up Jimmy. The more you speak the less Jewish money falls in Democratic hands. Your own son will have to whore himself on weekends at a Nevada Brothel to earn campaign funds for his senate bid. We all know that if Dems aren't getting Jewish money, they are getting little money.

Local Flavor

This morning on the WLS morning radio program Don Wade and Roma, Don was ranting about the corruption trial of former Illinois Governor George Ryan (R) and recent revelations that he received over 12k in gifts from employees during Christmas. Ryan's secretary stated that there was nothing illegal about these gifts because his employees loved him so much they were happy to contribute to this large cash gift.

Ryan's guilt is blatant, but during this mornings program Don Wade, a hardcore Republican, was looking for a Republican to call in and try to defend Ryan. Of course no one called, but my question to Mr. Wade is "this is Chicago and shouldn't you be asking for a Democrat to call in, since they have been forcing Cook County employees to give politicians kick-backs since old man Daley ran the city?"

I commend Don Wade and literally all Illinois Republicans for shunning the former governor and not acting like cook county Democrats and make excuses for a party member. Illinois Republicans by no means are saints, but compared to Cook County Democrats they are Mother Teresa.

Bush Budget Cuts

I love the man regarding the War on Terrorism, his support for Israel, tax relief and what I truly believe his moral character. However, this guy spends like a terminally ill millionaire in a whorehouse. Mr. President, a few million or even a billion here or there aren't spending cuts, they are campaign year bandages.

We have a Republican President, Republican House and Senate who gave us tax relief that did a remarkable job growing the economy. In fact due to economic growth, the government collected more tax revenue because they lowered taxes. Unfortunately they still spent every dime.

Radio Talk-Show Host Laura Ingrahm is right when she said "Republicans can no longer claim to be the party of less government and fiscal responsibility." What Republicans need to brace for is the fact that they have set a precedent for Democrats to go "Hog Wild" next they gain control of the White House or congress.


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