Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weekend Quick Hits

We were all saddened today to learn that a great icon in American history passed away. The contributions this individual made to society has touched us all. Their work served as great inspiration to us all. I am of course referring to Actor Al Lewis better known as Granpa Munster.

For Immediate release

Ethan Miller Goes Pee Pee in Potty

Chicago...Ethan Miller informed his mommy today that he had to go potty. Upon learning of her son's desire for bladder relief, mommy quickly brought Ethan to the potty were he in fact urinated in the toilet. "I was so relieved he didn't leak on the floor, said mommy. "His father and I are very proud."

Ethan's urination continued later that evening when he informed his mommy he had to pee and mommy was able to get the training toilet out, where Ethan did in fact aim and fired his pee into the poty.

The Miller family believes that a poo poo in the poty is in their son's immediate future

Superbowl XL

Prediction: Seattle 27 Pittsburgh 24
Wagering: Take Seattle -4 and the over 47.


At 2/05/2006 10:07 PM , Blogger Paulie said...

So much for my Superbowl prediction. The game was as exciting as professional bowling.


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